Shadow Plush Available in March in North America

Kingdom Hearts Shadow Plush

The Shadow Heartless plush that was released in December in Japan finally has a timeframe for North America. The official Square Enix Merchandise NA twitter account tweeted earlier that it’ll be available in March. So if you’re looking to add another plush to your collection, this is your chance. We’ll fill you in once an official date is selected.

4 Responses to “Shadow Plush Available in March in North America”

  1. Ali Says:

    How much will it be? Depending on the Japamese price tag (idk the conversion rate)

  2. Ali Says:


  3. Jordy Says:

    The conversion price listed earlier in the site says that the price should be around $42 however that may not be accurate and they could lower or higher the price for America

  4. Phoenix Wright Says:

    I really wanted the Meow Wow, but it was way to expensive. (In my opinion) I hope this isn’t.

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