Sora & Riku KH3D Play Arts Kai in PREVIEWSworld

Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts Kai

The Seeress Yeul on their Tumblr have posted images of the Kingdom Hearts 3D Play Arts Kai figures of Sora and Riku in PREVIEWsworld magazine in their June/July issue.

While getting a few updates in Japan, the Western Hemisphere will finally be able to get their hands on it as it will be available in October 2013 for $79. The Sora figure will get the Kingdom Key, Ultima Weapon, and Sweet Dreams Keyblades. The Riku figure will receive the Way to Dawn, Divewing, and the Unbound Keyblades. Both figures will come with it’s own stand.

Also included in the magazine is the Sora’s Sword Pewter Keychain which you can buy on Amazon by clicking on the link.