KH Union Podcast 37

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The gang is back for the first show of the new year! The podcast has a new host and it’s none other than Branden himself! Join him with Lauren, Jackie and myself as we discuss all the Kingdom Hearts news that appeared during our holiday off, we have lots to talk about and discuss so we waste no time getting into the Jump Festa trailer, then to all the confirm worlds that appeared in the trailer as well as from various Japanese gaming magazines. We end that section with the release date of KH3D in Japan and the special 10th anniversary box that was announced with the release date. We move on to the fan questions such as our reaction to Vanitas’ return, if Sora did actually wield a chainsaw from the early concepts, if KH3 is really the next game after KH3D and finally if KH will ever go multiplatform like Final Fantasy.

The show ends with a very nice remix to Traverse Town, conducted none other by Brian, the man that puts together the podcasts! Kingdom Hearts Union is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of KHU every four weeks.

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