KH Union Podcast 68 & Seth Kearsley Interview

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The sixty-eighth episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and we have a special treat for you! Join Branden and myself as we get together for another brocast and we discuss Branden’s interview with Seth Kearsley. Now for the longest time, fans have been wondering the possibility of a Kingdom Hearts animated TV show and for those who didn’t know there was a supposed rumor floating around the time the first Kingdom Hearts game was released. That was over 10 years ago! Now the rumors can be put to rest as Seth, the original director of the series uploaded an image of the storyboard that acted as the show’s pilot episode.

Before we discuss the interview, we recap the recent Tai Yasue interviews from E3 and we talk about Birth By Sleep not having multiplayer, Re:coded getting battle scenes and Yasue’s own pick for a world would be none other than Frozen! We then get into the interview were we discuss what was said during Branden’s interview. Make sure you give that a listen as you’ll learn some interesting facts about the series that came so close to be! We finally get into the previous Burning Question.

For next week’s Burning Question, the question is “What would you want a Kingdom Hearts animated series to be like?”, make sure to get your answers in so we can read what you think it should be. We end the show with an incredible remix of Sanctuary that you don’t want to miss! Hope you enjoy the show and the interview!

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As for the interview with Seth Kearsley, you can find it below: