KH Union Podcast Episode 20

KH Union Podcast 20

Hey folks!

We have a special treat for you all today! Kingdom Hearts Ultimania and Kingdom Hearts Union are starting a podcast partnership! Starting from this episode, I will be co-hosting alongside with Fozzy, Darryl, and Melissa to talk about the latest Kingdom Hearts news and answer fans questions!

In episode 20, we discussed Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix news and release date followed by Kingdom Hearts 3D news that Nintendo Dream had published. We have also answered three fan questions in regarding the controls of one Kingdom Hearts game to the next, buying a Nintendo 3DS just for Kingdom Hearts 3D, and the idea of pimping out your own Keyblade with a Keyblade Creation style menus.

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Hope you fans enjoy listening to this podcast!

Special big thanks to the folks at Kingdom Hearts Union for this partnership and allowing me to be on their show!