Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode #21

KH Union Podcast 20

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The 21st episode of the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is now up for your listening pleasure! Join Fozzie, Darryl, Melissa and myself as we discuss the recent news such as the announcement of the sticker album bonus for pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts Recoded, the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix Mysterious Warrior scans, and a look at the official N.A. Kingdom Hearts twitter!

We also take time to answer several questions that were submitted by our listeners which include a discussion about our favorite battle system, the best version of Dearly Beloved, and a Twilight based keyblade!

This is also the last podcast episode of 2010, so don’t miss out on it!

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  1. Ven_ Says:

    If there’s gonna be a ps3 bundle of Kh3.. hopefully, it does NOT come with anything.. why!? because I would be so sad if there’s hardware tweaks or something coz I just bought a ps3 two days ago (I don’t like to be tempted by the bundle and grab it again >.< lol).. :( but kh3 is definitely a ps3 game..

    btw, my favorite dearly beloved is re:coded

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