Kingdom Hearts Union Episode 56

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The 56th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union is finally here after some technical difficulties. Join Branden and myself with a special appearance from Brian as well give you the low down of the recent happenings in the Kingdom Hearts community.

First up we get into the release of Kingdom Hearts X[chi] in Japan that’s free to play, Tetsuya Nomura appearing at Japan’s first ever Disney D23 event, and several additional information that came from an interview that Famitsu did with Nomura.

We then get into the Burning Question which was “What is your favorite cutscene from Kingdom Hearts II and why?” We have had some great responses! Be sure to get your answer to next episode’s question: “How does it feel to know that Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming?”

We finally move on to the Questions segment and we answer questions like if the Osaka team is the right team for Kingdom Hearts 3, to our own opinion on the Kingdom Shader first introduced at E3, which organization members will reappear for KH3 and what finishing moves or paired attacks can we expect.

The next episode is scheduled for August 20th, until then, see you next time!

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