Kingdom Hearts Union Episode 63

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The sixty-third epsidoe of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast has arrived and we have a special type of episode for you! Join Branden, Sabrina, Olivia, and myself as we get into this special Valentine’s episode by featuring a special segment called Kingdom Hearts You!

The segment introduces various “What if” scenarios for each of us to give our own input and ideas. What are these scenarios? You’ll have to listen to find out! Our responses you will find quite hilarious. We then move on to our lone question of the episode “Would you buy  a Kingdom Hearts game that lasted only a few hours?” We round it out with some special Valentine’s Day shouts from each of us, hopefully the people we give shout outs to listen to this episode!

We end the show with a lovely arrangement of Simple and Clean so you don’t want to miss out on it! Be sure to get your answers for the Burning Question “What game do you think will release next after KH 2.5 HD?”, in the episode release thread. Just sign up to the forums and post away!

Just want to wish you guys a late Happy Valentine’s Day and hope you guys enjoy the show!

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