Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 28

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The twenty-eighth installment of the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast features for the first time in months some news! Join Lauren, Darryl, myself and a new voice on the show… Branden! As we discuss a fan made Keyblade iPhone app, discuss fan’s answers about playing Kingdom Hearts Re:C0ded. Also we also dive into listener’s questions: Was the voice acting good? Which boss was the most difficult to face? Will Square Enix release the Kingdom Hearts series on the Playstation Network for it’s 10th anniversary?

It’s all here in this episode waiting for you to listen!

Kingdom Hearts Union is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of KHU every three weeks.

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3 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 28”

  1. Ashley Says:

     kingdom hearts 3 will be on PS3, since the PS2 and PSP are dead.

  2. Fan Says:

    theyre still gonna have kingdom hearts birth by sleep volume 2 on the psp, but ya the ps2 is long gone, just like the roxas axel used to know

  3. canvas prints Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, yeah I’m sure it will only be PS3 it makes sense really…

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