Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 45

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The forty-fifth episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here to give you the latest in Kingdom Hearts news. Join Branden, Lauren, and myself as we dive into the first bit of news which include the special 10th anniversary music album release date, an estimated sales figure of Kingdom Hearts 3D so far and a look at Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show 2012 line up.

We then take a detour to answering the questions from last episode’s Burning Question, from there we then give you guys this episode’s Burning Question: “”How long of a gap do you think will be reasonable between the announcement and release of Kingdom Hearts 3?” If you want your answers read on the show, make an account at GamingUnion forums and answer the question by clicking on the link.

Finally we make a stop at answering  the questions you submitted to us! First up we were asked which of the three (Heartless, Unversed, Nobodies) would we want in Kingdom Hearts III. Second, what are the things that hold back the Kingdom Hearts series. Third, should Max Goof make an appearance in the series and what would he do?

We end the episode with a remix from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days! This is the episode before Tokyo Game Show, so get your listen on!
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