Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 47

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

Kingdom Hearts Union episode 47 is here and the gang is back to discuss the recent happens in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Join Branden, Jackie, and myself as we dive first into the news that has occurred in the last couple of weeks such as more information from the Kingdom Hearts HD Remix. Namely the production of the HD title was started before Final Fantasy X’s, changes to the control scheme, and the amount of hours 358/2 Days cutscenes will have.

We then move on to reading off your answers from the Burning Question from last episode with us leaving you with this episode’s question: “What would a KH Christmas/Holiday be like on Destiny Islands (post KH2/pre DDD)?” So don’t forget to get your answers in by posting in this thread. Finally we move onto the two questions we’ve received: “What other story related questions we want to see answered,” and “Would you want to see Indiana Jones or Star Wars characters in a future Kingdom Hearts title?”

Wrapping up the show is a remix of “Namine” from Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. This is the second to the last show of the year and you don’t want to miss this!

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