Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 48

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The 48th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and it’s the last show of 2012. Join Branden and myself as we brocast it up with the recent events going on in the Kingdom Hearts universe. First up an announcement by me about a special 10th anniversary podcast featuring members of other Kingdom Hearts fansites! You don’t wanna miss that!

We then read the answers of the special “Burning Question” segment featuring a beautiful Kingdom Hearts fan fiction story about Christmas time on Destiny Islands! Don’t forget to answer the new Burning Question: “How can the KH series stay relevant until Kingdom Hearts 3 is out?” We then answer your questions such as “How long can Square Enix do the side stories of the series?”, “Will KH3 be on the PS3 or the Wii U?” and “What Final Fantasy characters would like to see show up in Disney Worlds?”

We end the show with a fantastic remix of “Dearly Beloved” that includes all variations of it in a single song! We hope you guys have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!

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