Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 49

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The 49th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union has arrived and the show is packed with things to discuss. Join Branden and Lauren as they discuss the recent happenings that occurred before the New Year such as all the news and information that was released during Jump Festa as well as information that was in the last issue of Famitsu Weekly.

They then jump into the last podcast’s Burning Question before moving on to this episode’s BQ which is “What would a Kingdom Hearts Valentine’s Day look like?” Make sure you submit your answers on this link. The duo moves on into the Questions segment answering two very good questions, one being past gameplay being put in to future games and will Yoko Shimomura step down from the Kingdom Hearts series?

They end the show with another awesome remix from Kingdom Hearts. It’s the first show of the New Year and you don’t want to miss it!

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