Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 53

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

Episode 53 of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and bringing to you another brocast, is Branden and myself as we discuss the recent happenings in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

First up we discuss the recent event that occurred at Square Enix Europe’s office when a few lucky fans that were able to attend got to take at a special presentation of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix as well get some free goodies! We then talk about Square Enix’s soon to be CEO Yosuke Matsuda talking about reviewing the company after suffering major financial losses. Finally we discuss Nomura’s statement about Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s next showing already dated.

We then move on to the Big Questions segments where we took the time to answer more than your usual standard questions. We answered various questions such as plot twists, epic fails within the series, what we thought the plot of KH3D would be about by watching the intro movie and more! Find out by taking a listen!

Be sure to get your answers for the next Burning Question, “What will Square Enix announce for E3 and how will it affect Kingdom Hearts?” We end the show with a remix of Traverse Town that you don’t want to miss!

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