Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast 55

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

Here it is folks! The 55th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast is here and we are here to discuss the big big news that shocked the world during E3 2013! Join Branden, Jackie, Lauren and myself as we bring the best news every single Kingdom Hearts fan has been waiting for, the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3!

We first go into what facts that were presented in during the announcement and what was shown during the E3 trailer like the consoles the game will be on, which development team is handling the game and the early showing of the battle system.

We then go into the first Tetsuya Nomura interview that was done during the event which was by Famitsu. In it Nomura goes into detail about the early development build for the E3 trailer, online elements, the feeling of all the side titles being released and details about the Kingdom Shader.

We end the show with a look at next week’s Burning Question: “What is your favorite cutscene from Kingdom Hearts 2 and why is it special to you?” and with a wonderful remix. The big news has just hit! So keep a lock on your favorite Kingdom Hearts podcast as we continue to bring you news!

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