Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 57

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The 57th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union is here bringing you all the latest from the Kingdom Hearts universe. Join Branden, myself and a very special guest Sabrina as get on with the news! With very little new information coming out, we spend the news recapping the release date of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, the newly announced Prima guide for Kingdom Heart HD 1.5 Remix that’s 488 pages long! We also plug in a review of the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Vol.1 manga by Spencer.

We then head into your submitted answers to last week’s Burning Question which was your thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 3 finally being announced. All of the answers were so amazing that they brought us all major nostalgia of the Kingdom Hearts 2 announcement! Don’t forget to get your answers in for next episode’s Burning Question: “What do you think Square Enix will reveal at TGS for Kingdom Hearts 3?”

We finally move on to the Questions segment as we had some great submitted questions. We answer questions regarding if Sora should be the protagonist after Kingdom Hearts 3, would it be good or bad if Disney bought Square Enix or if Kingdom Hearts 3 will be longer than Kingdom Hearts 2.

Ending out the show is a fantastic mash up of theme songs which you don’t want to miss!

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