Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 60

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The 60th episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and it’s another bro-cast! Join Branden and myself as we take a look at the recent happenings within the Kingdom Hearts universe. First up we get into some news regarding the information behind the D23 trailer including how the trailer was made in engine and that the graphics are still early and will be refined later on in development. Nomura also described (so vaguely) Attraction Flow which is improved over Flowmotion from Kingdom Hearts 3D and how it’ll allow Sora to find new ways to defeat enemies.

Next up we get into the Burning Question, which was “What secret bosses would you like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3 that haven’t been used yet?” find out what the community had decided on and what our reactions are to them! Also, don’t forget to get your answers in for the new Burning Question which is “What do you hope to see from Kingdom Hearts in 2014?”

We then head on to the Questions segment but instead of using questions that were asked for this show, we take a look into the past and answer questions from 2 to 3 years ago! Questions like what would be our own personal keyblade would look like, what a special edition set for Kingdom Hearts 3 would consist of and what Organization XIII members we would like to get to know. We end the show on an awesome remix of Hollow Bastion that you don’t want to miss!

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4 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 60”

  1. Laneybaby Says:

    The Turks! Add the Shinra Turks into KH3! Spice that up and make Rufus Shinra a boss. Double barrel shotgun-keyblade would look amazing!!!! And of course gotta have dark nation along side him!!

  2. Cody Stinton Says:

    Make Genesis a secret boss

  3. Miguel Garcia Says:

    Would love the worlds in KH3 to be larger & more “alive”, one of my major gripes with the series is how empty the worlds feel with only a handful of npc/shopkeepers to interact with (we’re supposed to care about saving these worlds when theres no one in them?).Give us more to do in each world aside from a few hidden chests and some not so fun minigames, KH actually had more nooks and crannies to explore than the sequels, bring back some of that exploration.

    Let us play dress up! Seriously, I would love to be able to buy clothes and accesories for our favorite trio, give it that extra rpg touch. Also going back to the more exploration theme maybe add some “dungeons” with a couple puzzles and a boss fight, don’t have to make them mandatory for story progression just for those looking for the extra challenge and some rare loot.

    One last thing, I enjoyed flowmotion and the rush that came with it but it was waaay to spammable in fights and it took some of the challenge from them so maybe add a cool down period for some of the acrobatic moves.Oh and now that Disney has added Star Wars AND Marvel to the family, well… Sora, Donald, and Goofy in jedi robes…nuff said.

  4. j Says:

    Don’t forget it was on the old consoles they made these games they could only do so much. If not for number 3 the will have a lot to answer for

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