Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 64

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The sixty-forth episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. Join Branden, Sabby, and myself as we deep dive in to the recent bit of happenings in the Kingdom Hearts universe. A special shoutout to Dave or Marry for pledging to our Patreon account, thank you for your support!

Departing temporarily from our usual news segment, we bring to you a special survey segment with questions that were taken from the Kingdom Hearts survey that Square Enix themselves set up for it’s fans. The answers we give are worth hearing! Find out what platforms we play on or the most frustrating or challenging Kingdom Hearts game. Moving on we finally get to the Burning Question that was introduced two episodes ago: “What do you think will be released after Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix?” A lot of various answers such as KH3D HD Remix, Birth By Sleep Volume Two, or even take a year break to finish up KH3. The new Burning Question for next episode is “What would you like to see in a KH Collector’s Edition?” Send us your answers!

We end the show with an original composition from BlueNctrn who composed a battle track that sounds like it came from Yoko Shimomura herself. The track in question based off if Frozen was a world in KH3. It’s something that you want to hear for yourself! This episode is for you Jamie and Brent! Hope you guys enjoy the show!

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