Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 65

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The sixty-fifth episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast has arrived and it marks the very first brocast of 2014. Join Branden and myself as we start off into a discussion on the Square Enix CEO said about the direction of the games they create. Lots of ranting and discussion is said on this subject!

Next we get into the Burning Question from last week “What bonus’ do you want to see from a collector’s edition of Kingdom Hearts III?” and a lot of the responses we received were pretty unanimous with having an actual Jiminy’s Journal that shares itself similar to an Ultimania but staying within character. Followed by a soundtrack and other goodies. Don’t forget to answer for next episode’s Burning Question: “What do you expect to see from Kingdom Hearts at E3 2014?”

We finally get to answer the questions you guys submitted to us from the Gaming Union Network forums and we start off by answering if Sora should adopt summons from the Final Fantasy series, if the GBA version of Chain of Memories still holds up today and if Disney will help hype up Kingdom Hearts III like they did with Kingdom Hearts II. Are answers are worth hearing! We end the show with a fantastic remix from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next episode!

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2 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 65”

  1. guest Says:

    What I expect to see from Kingdom Hearts at E3 2014 is news about KH3, 2.5, and/or anything else regarding the future of KH. If nothing else, just a release date on 2.5 will suffice for this year. About 53 more days until E3.

  2. JoshOnTech Says:

    A cool KH3 pre-order bonus could be a costume DLC, where you get Sora’s outfit from KH1 or something.

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