Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 66

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The sixty-sixth episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast is here and this is the pre-E3 2014 show! Join Branden, Sabrina, and myself as we take a stroll down memory lane as we discuss how Square Enix promoted Kingdom Hearts II when it was announced at TGS 2003 all the way until TGS 2005 ending with how we think Square Enix will promote KH3.

We then read off your answers from the Burning Question which is what your thoughts on what will be shown Kingdom Hearts related at E3 2014. With last year’s big surprise, we are definitely hyped up for the event! We then move on to the Questions segment which feature the possibility of a Frozen crossover or maybe Final Fantasy XIII or even Final Fantasy XV!

We then end the show on with a fantastic remix from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance that you won’t want to miss! Thank you very much for the support on Patreon and with more support, we can keep bringing the show down to every two weeks instead of four!

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