Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 75

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The seventy-fifth episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast has arrived and we change the mood for this one.

Join Branden and myself as we brocast it up for a Valentine’s theme episode. We start out with recapping the recent news starting with the Kingdom Hearts tribute album and the open positions for the development of Kingdom Hearts III.

We then get into the “We <3 Kingdom Hearts” segment and we discuss the romance in the Kingdom Hearts games. Does romance fit into the games? Is there room for it? And how should it be handled? Tune in to find out what we have to say!

We then get into our Questions segment where we discuss the possible reason to why Square Enix and Disney haven’t released the Kingdom Hearts series as a digital download and if Kingdom Hearts X[chi] will come out in North America.

We end the episode with a fantastic cover of Simple and Clean by YouTuber NateWantsToBattle! Thank you so much for listening and don’t forget if you like our show you can contribute to our Patreon account and get cool benefits such as getting your name shouted out or pick a topic of discussion of your choice! For more information on this, you can listen to the show or check out our official Patreon page here.