Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast Episode 77

Kingdom Hearts Union Podcast

The seventy-seventh episode of Kingdom Hearts Union podcast has arrived and this time we finally have a a bit of news to talk about as well as a discussion of the release of the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo.

As for news, first we bring up the special Kingdom Hearts fan event that’s happening on November 3rd, a few days before Japan’s Disney D23 event and speculate what could happen and what could be shown at the event. Next is we talk about the Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album releasing in Japan and what to expect and finally we wish several Kingdom Hearts anniversaries.

We head into our Off Topic Hearts discussion and that is the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo that was released two weeks ago. We discuss, the battle system, characters, open world gameplay, English localization and what can KH3 learn from FFXV.

Finally we head into the questions segment and we thank Giovanni Rivera, Geoffrey Denson, and Eifel65 for submitting their questions for this episode. If you want to submit a question for us to answer, simply email

We end the show with a Hikari and Dearly Beloved crossover song that you don’t want to miss.

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