Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of MemoriesKingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories (Official Website)
Platform: Playstation 2 (PS2)

Release Dates:
– Japan // (Released with KH2: Final Mix+)
– North America // December 2nd 2008 (Buy Game) // (Import Game)

If you’re not already aware, KH: RE:CoM is a 3D Remake (for Playstation 2) of the original Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance. It was released in Japan as part of KH2: Final Mix+ early last year.

• An essential piece in the KINGDOM HEARTS franchise, which has shipped over 12 million units across the globe, comes to North America at long last

• In addition to Sora, players can control Riku in this adventure that bridges the gap between KINGDOM HEARTS and KINGDOM HEARTS II

• A full 3D remake of the original GBA release, KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories offers a refreshing rendition of the hit title for the PlayStation 2 system

• The talented voice cast from the North American releases of KINGDOM HEARTS and KINGDOM HEARTS II, including David Gallagher and Haley Joel Osment, return to breathe new life into the beloved characters

• The mini-game catalog has been completely renewed, now with four brand new experiences accompanying the main adventure.

KH: Re:Chain of Memories will be available to purchase at a price of $29.99 (USD). The release date is set for December 2nd of this year. As of now, there is no confirmation whether or not the game will be released in other territories.

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