Big Ol’ Heap of New English Re:coded Screenshots? (+Note)

Howdy again folks!

Excited for Re:coded?  Can barely contain your exuberance?  Yes?  No?  Maybe so?  Well, regardless of which way you go, here’s a big ol’ pile of new Kingdom Hearts Re:coded screenshots featuring the English build of the game.  Interested in checking out the game?  Well, then you’d best go pre-ordering, and like now if you want those bonus stickers!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: We apologize for the following inconvenience, but ever since the server move, certain features found on KHU have been buggy from time to time, including the gallery.  In this particular case, the thumbnail images don’t show up – however, the images and links themselves should work perfectly.  Again, we apologize, and the issue will be resolved very very soon.

Source: Siliconera

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