KH: Re:coded coming to Europe Jan 14th and North America on Jan 11th 2011

Kingdom Hearts Recoded coming to Europe on 14/01/11

Square Enix Europe published earlier today on their official Twitter profile that Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded will be coming to Europe on January 14th for the Nintendo DS. Although, soon after publication, the tweet was quickly removed suggesting that the news wasn’t quite ready for the world to hear yet, or of course, the date may be inaccurate (we’ll let you know.)

@Andrefpvs quickly retweeted the news, which you can see by going here.

Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded will be released across Japan tomorrow, October 7th. If you can’t quite wait, you can import a copy of the Japanese game on PlayAsia.

Update: Square Enix has also put up Kingdom Hearts Recoded (EU) facebook page! You can follow them by click on the link here.

Also we’ve reported a few days ago about Square Enix purchasing the domain name “”, now the official site for Kingdom Hearts Recoded is now up with a splash page! Check out the link here.

Update 2: The website has revealed that North America will also be getting Kingdom Hearts Re: coded on January 11th! Click this link to view the North American website!