KH Recoded European Site?

Hello peeps!!

It seems that a few days ago, Square Enix Limited (which the headquarters are in London) have purchased the domain name “” Now since Kingdom Hearts Recoded hasn’t been officially announced for Europe, hopefully this evidence can show a possibility of it going there because Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories was never released in Europe.

Click the screenshot below to check out the domain name purchase!

Source: KH Destiny

3 Responses to “KH Recoded European Site?”

  1. matheus brazil Says:

    cool but it’s will be good too if the american site realese soon after re:coded realise isn’t?

  2. Andrew Stander Says:

    It would be nice if I can connect to it. It doesn’t show up (white).

  3. Nekota Says:

    the game will come to Europe.
    the game was rated by the “USK” for Germany on 2nd September
    the release for Europe could be around February because Birth by Sleep came 4 month after rating by the USK

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