KH Re:coded Launch Event In New York & Re:coded Videos!

Kingdom Hearts Recoded, the next installment of the franchise!

The official North American Kingdom Hearts twitter has updated the information about their Kingdom Hearts Recoded launch event taking place at the Nintendo World store in New York on Sunday, January 9th at 11am! Fans who attend will be able to get their hands on Kingdom Hearts Re:coded two days before the official North American launch as well as other Kingdom Hearts goodies!

Secondly, Square Enix has released a few videos of Kingdom Hearts Recoded gameplay, in which you can check them out below:

Kingdom Hearts Recoded is set to be released on January 11, 2011 (January 9th if you attend the launch event) in North America and January 14th in Europe.

5 Responses to “KH Re:coded Launch Event In New York & Re:coded Videos!”

  1. Sakuchan Says:

    I never paid attention before. But this gameplay style is the same as BbS in the way you select attacks.

  2. Nerösktji Says:

    Am i in Rapture? Cuz this is… SPLICED parts from the gameplayvideo

  3. Christopher B. Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not as awesome as it leads you to think.

  5. Nemesis Says:

    Yeah, it is as awesome as they think because they don’t have to share the same opinion as you.

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