KH: Re:coded out now in North America

KH: Re:coded released today in North America

Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded is Out Today!

Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded has been released today, January 11th, 2011 across North America for the Nintendo DS. It will be arriving for Kingdom Hearts Fans in Europe later this week on January 14th.

We’ve been talking about the localised release of the game extensively over the past few months (Read our KH: Re:coded Coverage), originally released in Japan as an episodic game for DoCoMo mobile devices back in 2008 and then later reworked for the Nintendo DS in Japan during October last year.

How & Where to Buy KH: Re:coded

Visitors in North America can buy KH: Re:coded on for $34.99 including Free Shipping & Icon Decals. UK Fans can pick up the game for £24.91 including Free Postage on

Have you bought KH: Re:coded?

KH: Re:coded has caused a lot of discussion over the past few months whether or not it is a ‘worthy’ game of the Kingdom Hearts Series. What are your thoughts on the game, have you bought it and what do you think of it so far?

Have you bought KH: Re:coded?

  • Yep! (60%, 109 Votes)
  • I'm waiting for it to come out in Europe! (23%, 42 Votes)
  • Nope, and I don't plan too (17%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 182

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We’ll be continuing to provide release coverage on Kingdom Hearts: Recoded over the next week, including our Walkthrough Guide – so make sure to keep visiting.

14 Responses to “KH: Re:coded out now in North America”

  1. Iggy v H. Says:

    I hope I’ll be able to get it on wednesday/thursday, the store seems to like me.

  2. Garde_nana Says:

    Where’s the ‘still waiting for it to be shipped to game stores in the region’ option?

  3. Turtle Says:

    I’ll be picking my pre-order up later today.

  4. Tasha Says:

    Anybody hear anything about an official Strategy Guide? I’ve been searching all over online and can’t find anything on it. I have one on every other Kingdom Hearts game and it would make my collection complete

  5. Nerösktji Says:

    Swedish gaming magazine gave it an 4/10. Said it was blatant filler.

  6. Mc Steven Torres Says:

    me too :D 1 day shipping and pre-ordered it at Amazon hopefully, I get my decal set together with it. Stickers ftw! -.-

  7. Debenz Says:

    I only buy the main title games(BBS, KH1, KH2). I watch walkthroughs of the side games.

  8. Lilyxafi Says:

    eh i preordered mine since december now have to wait till shippin comes T_T

  9. Mc Steven Torres Says:

    My copy just came! and It has decal set at the back! its cool! :)

  10. Iggy v H. Says:

    Can’t blame you.
    FYI: I buy them all.

  11. Debenz Says:

    What are you trying to say?

  12. Jordan Hodge Says:

    I have just started playing the game – almost finished with Traverse Town. It is most definetely nostalgic of the very first game – retaining gameplay elements and also story elements of it. The command deck from Birth By Sleep is back – which is a nice addition. Although this is yet another filler installment of the franchise, I can say with positivity that this game is worth getting for those hardcore Kingdom Hearts fans! =D

  13. Lilyxafi Says:

    mine came and i finished the game just yesterday :P (STICKAHS FTW) i restarted it thoo :D

  14. Luisito Says:

    i dont understand why they have to ruin the game for people by putting it on a mobile device. if they were to put it for ps3 or ps2 even i would buy it but the effects are probably crappy and i dont appreciate it as much as i would if it was for a different console.

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