Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Cover Revealed!

The official Kingdom Hearts twitter has updated their feed with two new tweets, both featuring pictures of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded box art! The box art features King Mickey, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy Cricket sitting on top of data blocks as you can see in the image below:

In addition to the boxart, the cover also sparkles to show off the data world the game setting is in!

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4 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Cover Revealed!”

  1. Jorge Armando Parra Says:

    *o* como sera ?

  2. Exodia_r10 Says:

    como sera ??? *-*

  3. Backlink software Says:

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  4. Maurice Hoek Says:

    I’m so gonna love THIS!! xD
    Still getting tired of the KH1 sora though, design some new clothes for him!
    We have him in this outfit in:
    KH COM
    KH 2 (in the beginning)
    KH 358/2 Days (unlockable character)
    KH 3D
    and now this one -.-’
    I love to see his kh2 outfit more or an entirely new costume.
    Ah well.. Happy nonetheless, since im a kh fan ;)

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