Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – English TGS Trailer + Gameplay Video

Hey folks!

An English version of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded’s trailer has just surfaced. Among that, Gamespot has also uploaded a gameplay video to go along with their hands-on article. You’ll be able to catch both videos below:

That’s all for now.

Source: Gamespot,, KHSora96′s Youtube account

9 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – English TGS Trailer + Gameplay Video”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is that… a Lightning avatar?!? XD

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Lol… This game looks like complete bullshit.

    Nomura is truly lost in the woods. That, or he’s just a massive troll who loves feeding stupid fans back their idiocy.

  3. Andrew Stander Says:

    lol at 1:51
    A pet goldfish? As if.

  4. Rhema Says:

    This looks so awesome. These trailers make me even more excited.

  5. Sora96 Says:

    I would like you to credit for the Tokyo Game Show trailer.
    KHSora96 is my YouTube channel and is the website I work for.
    Please credit for the video, I also wouldn’t mind you crediting my channel.

  6. ryomai Says:

    It came from you guys? Oh, I didn’t know. Sorry about that. I’ll fix it now.

  7. Theking Tga Says:

    i played jp one cool i finish it easy!!! useing dstt i think it better then buying games

  8. L_is_awesome Says:

    Oh, there’s definitely a troll involved, but he’s closer than you think.

  9. MemeticRichardIsAFaggot Says:

    Go fuck yourself.

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