Kingdom Hearts Re:coded out now in Japan!

Kingdom Hearts Recoded

Howdy folks!!

Kingdom Hearts Recoded is now officially out in Japan! It is the remake of the cell phone game that was only released in Japan Kingdom Hearts Coded, and now the game that continues on where Kingdom Hearts II left off is finally here!

If you want to import your copy, you can do so by going to Play-Asia’s site by clicking on the link below:

[Kingdom Hearts Recoded (Japan) $64.90 - Play Asia]

As a special surprise for you all, here is the opening movie for Kingdom Hearts Recoded (recorded by ZSlyzer)!

9 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Re:coded out now in Japan!”

  1. matheus brazil Says:

    oh my god one of the beast oppenings ever

  2. Nerösktji Says:

    I Nostalgia’d.

    But serriousaaahhh… why couldn’t Data Sora get the black outfit? I am so tired of the red jumpsuit.

  3. Riku0147 Says:

    The 1000 Heartless battle has Behemoths.

  4. Calvin Bonifácio Says:

    Can someone tell me if in the FM+ version the behemots are in the 1000 heartless battle? If not, this is a total failure by SE, seriously. I hope this game is better than 358/2 day, wich was sooooo boring…

  5. Dannyk93 Says:

    how is this where kh2 left off?

  6. Riku0147 Says:

    The Behemoths are from a KH2 concept video. If you look closely, you can also see Wyvrens flying around too. Im sure you can find a link to the video somewhere

  7. Shiro-Chan Says:

    Kingdom Hearts just keeps getting better and better

  8. Iggy v H. Says:

    Mickey, Donald&Goofy are analyzing the journal, in which this game take place. The opening gives me hope for the rest of the game :D Not that I was expecting something low from Square Enix, but 358/2 days wasn’t perfect.

  9. tiana Says:

    just the sora and kairi part lols

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