Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Review Roundup

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With Re:coded out for almost three days now, the reviews are starting to pour in!  IGN, Game Trailers, and G4 have all weighed in on their takes on the game, each a little bit different.  IGN generally praised the game, paying special heed to the inclusion of the command deck system and the wide variety of gameplay styles found in different worlds.  Game Trailer however was less forgiving, citing the game’s filler story as the biggest weak point and then-some.  G4 was something of a mix between the two, also praising the varying gameplay, but criticizing the story.  You can check the reviews below:

IGN Video Review (8.0 out of 10)

Click Here to Read IGN’s Full Review

Game Trailers Review (6.5 out of 10)

Original Video Link

G4 Review (3 out of 5)

“…Sora is back in this port of Square Enix’s 2008 mobile phone game. While there’s plenty of Disney and Final Fantasy fan service, the fact that it’s little more than a rehash of Kingdom Hearts with an inconsequential story that might drive away even ardent fans…”

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So, what do you guys think?  Agree?  Disagree?  Or do you have something completely different on your mind?  Be sure to share it in the comments section – as always, we look forward to reading what you guys have to say! :D

Source(s): IGN, GameTrailers, G4, jermaine2341 for the youtube link

13 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Review Roundup”

  1. Nerösktji Says:

    I’ll play tomorrow. As usual i could trust Webhallen. But since we’ve already kinda done this in CoM, im not that excited while i still am. Cuz it’s a new KH game that i havn’t played.
    But i never saw CoM and Days as filler, this could be the first in the series that i actually will consider as filler since everyone saying that it’s well.. filler.

    But CoM you kinda needed to play to even get KH2. And days, okay yeah, mabye it was filler, but it was one of the most tearjerking fillers ever, and it was awesome to learn more about Roxas and in addition, kinda need to be played to understand why Roxas is even there in KH2. No, it wasn’t enough with only bein’ Soras Nobody.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The game sucks, end of discussion. Move on people.

  3. CTOONfan1 Says:

    I want Re:coded, but I know it’s pretty much filler, and it really only explains one thing, and it’s at the very end. I still want to play it though.

  4. Turtle Says:

    Nice game. Great gameplay that improved on 358/2 Days in every possible ways. I really like having a Command Deck system, which I missed out on with BbS since I don’t have a PSP. Yes, the story is terrible. But this isn’t a game one gets for the story.

    Other than poorly-executed gimmicks (didn’t really like the sidescrolling section in Traverse Town or the Turn-Based battles in the Coliseum), there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this game.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hey look its you again hating why do you even bother? I know your entitled to your opinion but you’re actually just looking for someone to reply for the attention. US true fans will enjoy this game like we have with every other game they’ve released.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    According to these reviews, I’m not the only one “hating.” :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I can see why others don’t bother arguing with you because its pointless. Reviewers are hated themselves anyways by a lot of people. I’m actually happy that IGN gave it an 8/10. Though if you check any game the rating is always higher by the fans then the reviewers, this doesn’t apply for just KH. I’m still really confused as to why you are on a KH fansite and actually criticizing the game and the person who made it. Nothing more than an attention seeker.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Unless its KHIII everyone is saying that the future games are fillers, sucks really cause we’ve only had Days,BbS and Coded. It was so annoying when people referred to BbS as a spin-off when it was no way a filler game. And I’m the same CoM and Days were never seen as fillers to me either.

  9. Mc Steven Torres Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you on that. This dude is probably needing some psychological help (trust me, boredom can really mess people up). Going on a ‘Fan’site which he obviously don’t like. How much weirder can it be. Also, I think that giving a game a ‘Bad’ score doesn’t mean they hated it. LOL ( I actually laugh at that) they base the scores on different elements not because they ‘like’ it or ‘hate’ it. And to be honest, screw reviewers they can review all the game they want but the decision comes from people anyways so.

  10. Mc Steven Torres Says:

    True, true. BbS, Days, CoM aren’t fillers since they are part of the story and they contribute largely on the story. I think what consider a filler is a story that starts and ends on the same title. Also, a filler is the one that can standalone meaning, it can go by itself and the ‘main’ story remains the same even if it’s removed.

  11. Mc Steven Torres Says:


  12. Ian Manning Says:

    ORIGINALITY, what does this word have to do with this game? Nothing at all, that’s why it sucks.

  13. Bowczar93 Says:

    I believe that Nomura made this game as the connector to all of the newer Kingdom Hearts games (BbS, Days) and it’s an essential part of the series whether any cares or not. Without this game most of us would still be guessing about “what happened when…?” or “how did he…?” This is a great game for US true fans. The added platforming parts of the game are probably a reminder of what’s to come, and I for one think that Re:coded is a marvelous game. Th combat system is solid, and who cares if the camera is slightly “off.” Isn’t it off in any game? The sphere grid power-up system is a much needeed upgrade to the series and the keyblades never get old. So really, when you look past the graphics, even though they were great for a DS game, and the camera, you see the shining diamond that the Kingdom Hearts series has to offer.

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