KH: Recoded TGS 2010 Demo & New Images!

Hey again!!

As we all know that Kingdom Hearts Re:coded was scheduled to be playable at Tokyo Game Show 2010 and a special thanks to who are attending the event, got a chance to play that demo!

But first 3 new images have surfaced, thanks to in which they have uploaded them!

And the moment you all wanted to see, here’s what had to say about the demo via twitter:

A new cutscene was shown for Re:Coded. Mickey in Yen Sid’s tower. He lonks like he learned something shocking.

The Re:Coded demo starts with Alice and Sora in a fight with the Queen of Hearts. In order to prove Alice’s case, you collect her memories.

You collect one from the cage next to the Queen’s podium by lowering it and avoiding card guards.

After that you enter Stage 1 of the 3D scrolling stages. You fight Heartless and avoid or attack blocks.

You fight Trickmaster in the same scroll style after Stage 1. Stage 2 is the same process but a little harder.

Overall the gameplay is a million times smoother than the mobile original, it even seems upgraded from 358/2 Days.

The command system is similar to BBS in the way they cycle on the menu. Love all the new attacks, graphics all look better.

And finally they also took pictures of various Kingdom Hearts material from the event!

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