Kingdom Hearts Re:coded To Not Feature A ‘Secret Movie’


Howdy folks!!

Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura mentioned on the official Kingdom Hearts twitter that Kingdom Hearts Recoded will not feature a secret ending like many of the other titles have after fulfilling certain requirements. But instead it’ll feature a “secret talk” that will be important down the road for the future titles.

Nomura also mentions in the tweet that the scene can be seen in the trailer.  A lot of people pointed out a new scene between King Mickey and Yen Sid could this be the scene Nomura has talked about? Or can you spot the scene in the trailer?


6 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts Re:coded To Not Feature A ‘Secret Movie’”

  1. Iantoddmanning Says:

    Wow, this sucks.

  2. Bluerapid Says:

    wow, this is the first time I’ve ever heard disney characters with japanese voices :/…..well at least in kingdom hearts

  3. Bluerapid Says:

    I know I just made a post something but I can’t hold it in. The fighting looks somewhat ok, but the whole thing with them talking is lame, I hate how they are basically still images. Even in 358/2 had them moving…..I hope that makes sense X/.

  4. Maurice Hoek Says:

    that’s not entirely true…
    358/2 days had still images too, when u’d talk to someone.
    the cutscenes DID have them moving.
    as you can see in this trailer, there’s moving cutscenes in this game as well…

  5. Rwdrocks Says:

    loz everone sonuded so weird

  6. Bluerapid Says:

    I’m meaning like how they would do it for old rpg games, they would have the picture and sometimes it would change to something else. I know that they have some normal ones, but it just seems weird to me :/

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