Nintendo Dream Interview With KH RE:C Directors!

Kingdom Hearts Recoded

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The directors of Kingdom Hearts Recoded (Tetsuya Nomura, Jun Katou, and Hiroyuki Itoi) have all sat down and gave interview to Nintendo Dream magazine regarding the game! Check out the summary that Rebirth Wings blog has posted and translations provided by

Coded was developed for use on mobile phones, but it wasn’t compatible on as many devices as they first planned. Particularly, there wasn’t a single compatible device overseas, which meant gamers outside Japan could not play.

Talks of remaking the game for the most widely used hardware, so that as many gamers as possible could play, began.

In the beginning, the plan was to port the game instead of remaking it. Howeber, h.a.n.d, the team who were asked to do it, still had knowledge from making Days and so it happened that they decided to make the game in proper 3D. Also, the way the cutscenes were presented and the growth system were changed, and as a result, it ended up being hugely remade where everything but the story was completely different.

The schedule they’d set when the plan was simply to make a port didn’t change, and so time-wise it was severe. The h.a.n.d staff were stationed permenantly, and the Osaka team who developed BbS collaborated too, so it’s like the title was made from the cooperation of the Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo teams.

Days was made with particularly hard elements, and many people said that it was difficult. For that reason, they thought they would make this title something that felt light to play, not something that demanded technique.

The component of playing with a customisable character was left in, and for the action part, refreshing play was a point they kept in mind.

Specifically, the balance of enemies in Days was also hard, and if the player did not think cleverly about customisation and technique, the degree of difficulty got higher. However, this time they went with a cut-down design, and they also aimed to tighten the frequency of controlling with the directional pad. The original coded had an autojump feature too. Thanks to this, the puzzle action is much easier.

This title is the furthest of all the game so far in the timeline.
It is a sequel which establishes the contents of the letter from the King in the KHII ending.

Rather than an adventure in which you travel near and far through the worlds, this game has an impression of making worlds to travel in.

Also, amongst the titles in the KH series, there is a regular pattern of solving past mysteries only to give rise to new mysteries. In this title, the mystery of the erasure of Jiminy’s Journal in CoM is settled.

And then, this gives rise to the setting of worlds within the data of Jiminy’s Journal.

The Sora in this title was reanimated through data, and so (in the very beginning) he is as he was before the journey of KH began. This is so he is at level 1.

Nomura: It’s very difficult, thinking of reasons for Sora to return to level 1 each time (laughs)

They thought they’d make a side link that only the gamers who also played all three games would understand. It takes the shape of summarising everything in the end of Coded.

Coded is unique within the series. It does not have a story in which emotions fluctuate intensely, but there were people who conversely thought this was good.

More of the interview will be posted as they are translated!

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