Nintendo Power and 1UP Reviews Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

KH: Recoded is out Next Week!

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With the game’s release on the horizon, reviews are starting to surface. First up, 1UP and Nintendo Power give their two cents on Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. If you want to find out what their reviewers thought, read on.

Nintendo Power gives the game a solid 8.

Ultimately, where Re:coded falls on your personal Kingdom hearts quality scale will depend on whether you place more value on gameplay or story. Even with a few cool surprises at the end, Re:coded lacks the narrative depth and emotional resonance of 358/2 Days, and the whole virtual-reality setting makes Re:coded feel somewhat insignificant in the series’s overall mythos. But when it comes to action, variety, and the sheer fun of obliterating Heartless with a Keyblade, Re:coded is a more-than-worthwhile entry in the beloved Kingdom Hearts saga.

1UP gives Re:coded a B+.

While Re:coded never does anything that’s particularly groundbreaking, it does what it sets out to do very well and adds some fun and interesting twists on the standard formula. As enjoyable as it is, however, I hope this is the last time Kingdom Hearts revisits the same levels again — I’m ready to stop rehashing the past and find out what’s next. Click on to read the full review!

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Source: Kingdom Hearts Recharged, 1UP

6 Responses to “Nintendo Power and 1UP Reviews Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded”

  1. doctorpope181 Says:

    We all agree with you 1UP. But prepare for KH3D

  2. Christopher B. Says:

    I find it really stupid in the GameInformers review, it shows Birth By Sleep screenshots which is an epic fail, and he gives it a 5.5/10 which is another fail.

  3. Psi-Leo Says:

    I hate professnal reviewers. <_<

  4. Debenz Says:

    I think you need to rot somewhere now.

  5. PWNED Says:

    You should change your name to ‘PatheticRichtard’ yea, that would fit. ;)

  6. Anonymous Says:


    You fucktards can’t even tell the difference between your elbow and your asshole. What possibly makes you think you can come up with a creative insult?

    My pride! My ego! OOW. You injured it beyond repair. My memetic dignity.

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