Official NA Re:coded Site Now Fully Live

Hello again folks!

In a sneak Twitter update, Square Enix fully updated the official NA Re:coded site.  Among the things included is the Story section, Characters – with a few new screenshots, the Worlds section, which also features a few new screens, and finally the E3 trailer, which you can catch right here:

Also, be sure you guys Pre-Order Re:coded to get your bonus DS decals!

Source: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Official NA Website, TheDogonfire for the Youtube Trailer

2 Responses to “Official NA Re:coded Site Now Fully Live”

  1. Andrew Stander Says:

    I’m only seeing the about and screenshots section. I checked other browsers just to make sure (b/c cookies and cache). When it doesn’t have the update on one or two, I can load it on the others and get the update but I couldn’t this time.

  2. Andrew Stander Says:

    Never mind, its working fine now.

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