A Christmas Message From KHU!

Merry Christmas from KHU!

From myself and the behalf of the entire Kingdom Hearts Ultimania staff, we would love to wish you all a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! You could say Christmas came early for us Kingdom Hearts fans with the release of the Jump Festa trailer a week before which certainly was a hell of a Christmas present!

We would also thank you all for your continued support of Ultimania the last 7 Christmas’ as we continue to give you fans the news of all Kingdom Hearts games coming out as well as giving the fans a chance to be heard with our guest blogs and Kingdom Hearts sticker prizes that were sent to us by Square Enix!

With Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance being released next year, we look forward to continue to cover the game to ensure all the fans are up to date on what’s next for the series!

So once again, we wish you a Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!