Ana and Randol Shows Off Their Collection

Here are a few more responses to my question: If you were to be left on a deserted island, which one KH item from your collection would you have with you?

Ana, from Portugal, writes: “I would take the first Kingdom Hearts game (and of course, my PS2) because it is the beginning of this epic story, and is the one game I will never get tired of since it has some of my favourite elements from the series – Hollow Bastion, Traverse Town, Dodge Roll, Glide, Trinities, and an epic final battle with Ansem.”

Well said, Ana! Ana also left this message regarding her collection: “It’s a very small collection compared to other Kingdom Hearts fans because some of the other games and manga are hard to find here, but it means a lot to me since KH is one of my most important childhood memories. I hope I can collect more merchandise and side games in the future!” Thanks for sharing, Ana! You’ve shown us that you don’t need a mega collection to be a mega fan. (You can scroll downwards to see her collection)

Randol’s collection is an assortment of keychains, games, shirts, and a handmade keyblade that’s currently in construction on He added some screenshots of a couple of favourite characters: Cloud and Sephiroth, whom I believe he will be cosplaying in the near future. His response to my question is: “I would take my Wayward Wind Keychain because it reminds me that I have friends in my heart and will truly not be alone, even on a deserted island.”

Thank you for that touching sentiment!

Ana's collection

Randol's KH shirts

Randol's PSP and DS

Randol's games

Randol's keyblades

Randol's manga

Randol's collection composite