Animadness – Simple and Clean/Hikari Covers Now Available

Animadness - Simple and Clean & Hikari Covers

Hey folks, as you might remember, Jackie (Sakuchan) did an interview with the Brazilian J-Rock band Animadness back in December (which you can check it out again here). In that interview they mentioned in the future that they would offer a download to their cover songs, now the wait is over! In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, fans can now download both their “Simple and Clean” and “Hikari” covers!

What is Animadness?

Animadness is a rock band from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

They are known for playing J-Music songs, Animesongs & famous video game themes, such as Final Fantasy, Sonic & Mario.

They also have their own material.

Last Halloween, the band released a cover of “Hikari” and “Simple And Clean” exclusively at their official YouTube channel.

Hikari serves as the main theme of the widely famous game frachise “Kingdom Hearts” and is one of the most famous singles of renown J-Pop artist Utada Hikaru.

Why Did They Choose to Cover Simple and Clean/Hikari?

Animadness chose to cover Hikari to appease KH and Utada fans and to celebrate 10 years of both game franchise and single, released back in 2002, as well to explore the strengths and beauty of the voice of female singer Bruna Higashi, known as the Brazilian Utada at the local karaoke contests. She won a contest alone by singing the main theme of Kingdom Hearts II, Passion/Sanctuary, and won a trip to Japan in 2009.

The band took a different approach with the original song, changing it to have a more hard rock feel, full of energy and a powerful solo section.

To celebrate the 10th of Kingdom Hearts and the release of the single Hikari, which is also completing 10 years, the band decided to release the mp3s for free download since Easter, as a token of appreciaton for all positive feedbacks and to appease all fans worldwide.

How to Download and Spread the Madness!

To get the mp3s, access the band’s YouTube Channel ( and see the description for the links.

Also don’t forget to follow them out on twitter ( and like them on facebook ( and of course visit their official site (!

Happy Easter and Up The Madness!