Christmas Time in the Kingdom Hearts World

Merry Christmas from Kingdom Hearts Ultimania

What would Christmas be like in the KH World?

‘Tis the season, fellow KHUsers. By tomorrow, visions of sugar plums will dance in your heads, or perhaps sooner if you’re on any sort of heavy medication. Regardless, Christmas is nearly here. For everyone that celebrates the holidays, you know this time of year is often a joyous and hectic one.

But, can you imagine how much more stressful shopping for loved ones and preparing festivities would be if you had to juggle it with saving the worlds from the Heartless?

Sora’s Christmas Belief

Here’s the thing, we know Christmas exists in the Kingdom Hearts universe because of Halloween Town. Santa Clause reminds Sora of an incident in which he declared he didn’t believe in Santa. Later Sora reconciles with this, when realized that he was egged on by Riku at a young age.

But, can you imagine the pressure? Awkward moments with Santa… And, can you imagine Sora’s Christmas list?

What gifts would Sora buy for his Kingdom Hearts friends?

Also, what kind of Christmas traditions would you imagine they have from world-to-world? On Destiny Islands I wonder if they top their Paopu trees with Wayfinders, or hang sandals over their fire pit?

Organization Member XV – Santaxclause

On the other hand: let’s take poor Saint Nick into this equation. Assuming in the Kingdom Hearts universe that Santa visits every world, and each star in the sky is its own world…oh geez.

Not to mention, he has to do it all the night of Christmas eve, and SURELY every world has a different period of revolution, considering they’re located everywhere and have different sizes…mostly this just leaves a lot of math that I’m not comfortable with attempting for fear of setting off flashbacks to high school algebra.

Then, there’s the subject of world borders. How would Santa be able to go from world to world without a gummi ship, or a Keyblade, or…Aha! Santa Clause is clearly a member of Organization XIII.

Organization Member XV - Santaxclause

The Silver-Haired Boy that Stole Christmas

So, let’s backtrack. When Sora was eight years old we know that Riku was the one that told him that Santa wasn’t real. What made Riku into such a Grinch? I bet 10 Munny he asked Santa for Kairi, and was greeted with a wooden sword, or a wooden trident, or a wooden fishing net. Wow, I’m just starting to realize how much fun it must be to be a child on Destiny Islands.

The Silver-Haired Boy that Stole Christmas

The Kingdom Hearts Message of Christmas

This whole holiday equation gets much more complicated if you take into consideration religions, customs, mythology, and the idea of this all seeming the same in an alternate universe. However, the most important thing Kingdom Hearts seems to share with our mentality of the Christmas season and its gift-giving is this:

“What really counts—what’s really special—is the act of
giving the gift. To wish deep in your heart to make someone else happy.”

We should remember that being with our loved ones and expressing how much we appreciate them is most important now, more than ever. I certainly hope you remember that this Holiday season!

What Kingdom Hearts gifts did you get for Xmas?

Did you ask for any KH gifts this Christmas? If so, what did Santaxclause (Is he really a nobody?) bring you this year? Or did you, like Riku, get stuck with a Fish from Father Christmas? Let us know!

Did you get any 'Kingdom Hearts' Presents for Christmas?

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Happy Christmas & Merry New Year from everyone at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania

19 Responses to “Christmas Time in the Kingdom Hearts World”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Purple haired? It’s more a silvery/whitey colour, innit?

  2. Tinny Says:

    Pete came up with the captions, not me =P.

  3. Debenz Says:

    Yeah, I got KH2 for christmas back in 2006.

  4. Thea Larson Says:

    This is food for thought… and I am not going to write a bunny about this. Nope, not at all.

  5. KHLostEmpress Says:

    I got the original KH way back when it first came out. This year I’m hoping for a KH blanket (I had a major freak out in FYE when I first saw them).

  6. Alex Says:

    I’m going to get Re: Coded this year.

  7. Amy Says:

    hopefully getting Kh BBS on PSP and final fantasy X!!!

  8. T-oyin Says:

    i got kh COM for Christmas when it came out and I pre-ordered kh recoded

  9. Lilyxafi Says:

    my xmas gift was that i pre-orded re; coded and got a piano

  10. Arcane Says:

    No idea what if I got KH stuff for christmas. I’m gonna place ten munny on it being a no though, so I’ll have to go and ruin someone’s belief in Santa Claus.

    That actually answers for part of the question of how big his X-mas(Subtle, no?) day run is, as a side note, No need to deliver presents to someone if they don’t believe, and that makes the entire list on all the worlds much shorter(although it still isn’t enough to help).

    And as for him being a nobody, no, that’s just silly. Santa Claus has too much going on with himself to be a nobody.(cheapest explanation EVER)

    It’s clear to me he’s a heartless who retained his form. *music*He’s making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice*end music*…..

    Do I need to even explain from there? Oh well, at least we know how he knows, and why half my neighborhood went missing when I was a kid around Christmas time.

    Anyways, Merry Christmas!

  11. Alex Ladzinski Says:

    KH1 Official Soundrack. Booyah!

  12. Shoujax Says:

    I got myself a charming bracelet of sora’s crowns with the Mickey Token on it for xmas :3

  13. Turtle Says:

    Hopefully Re:coded (pre-ordered in my name).

  14. american Idiot Says:

    geting a new psp (coz my old one got ran over by my moms car) just so i can play KH birth by sleep heck yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  15. Sakuchan Says:

    Do they even get winter on Destiny Island? It’d be kinda tough for Santa to work in those clothes.

    Santa in the Org cloak reminds me of a giant bomb-his beard being the string..

  16. Rebmakash Says:

    My family and a friend exchanged/are exchanging gifts tonight rather than tomorrow. My family got me a great KH shirt, the Field and Battle Piano Collection, and the 4-piece collection of the new KH Formation Arts. I was very lucky. My friend and I are exchanging KH gift art later. I made her something Sora-related. I know I’m getting something Riku.

  17. Ty0424 Says:

    KH re coded payed off

  18. Nitsujdiaknikoibur Says:

    kingdom hearts snuggie

  19. Muzbo Says:

    Sora wallet!!!

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