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So, Kingdom Hearts 3D was a no show at E3.  And news overall has been quite dry.  But that won’t stop Famitsu!  In anticipation of Kingdom Hearts’ 10th anniversary, and the magazine’s own 25th anniversary, they’re conducting a survey on Square Enix’s behalf, and on the July 28th the results of the poll will be posted …along with something probably else Kingdom Hearts related.

Click here to check out the survey.

Now, you’re probably shouting “JC’s an idiot!  I can’t read and write Japanese!”  Well, JC takes offense to being called an idiot – it makes him a sad panda.  Especially when JC provides the translations of the poll options word for word:

Q1 – Please tell us the games in the series you’ve played so far.  (Multiple select)

-Kingdom Hearts

-Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

-Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

-Kingdom Hearts II

-Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

-Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

-Kingdom Hearts coded

-Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

-Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

-Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix

-Kingdom Hearts Mobile

Q2 – What is your favorite game in the Kingdom Hearts series?

-Kingdom Hearts

-Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

-Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

-Kingdom Hearts II

-Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

-Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

-Kingdom Hearts coded

-Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

-Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

-Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix

-Kingdom Hearts Mobile

Q3 – What do you like most about the series?


-The story



-Secret movies

-Other [BOX]

Q4 – What do you look forward to the most in the series?





-Secret movie

-Other [BOX]

Q5 – Please tell us your favorite character?

-Favorite character [BOX]

-Why do you like him/her? [BOX]

Q6 – What is your favorite scene in the series?

-Kingdom Hearts (including Final Mix)

-KH: Chain of Memories (including Re:Chain of Memories)

-Kingdom Hearts II (including Final Mix)

-Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

-Kingdom Hearts coded (including Re:coded)

-Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (including Final Mix)

-Kingdom Hearts Mobile (??? Favorite scene… in here…?)

-Your favorite scene? [BOX]

-Why do you like it? [BOX]

Q7 – What is your favorite Keyblade?

-Favorite Keyblade [BOX]

-Why? [BOX]

Q8 – What is your favorite ability?

-Favorite ability [BOX]

-Why? [BOX]

Q9 – Which world do you like the most, and like the least?

-Favorite world [BOX]

-Why? [BOX]

-Least favorite world [BOX]

-Why? [BOX]

Q10 – What is your favorite, and least favorite common enemy? (Shadows, Dusks, Floods, etc. etc.  Organization XIII is excluded)

-Favorite enemy [BOX]

-Why? [BOX]

-Least favorite enemy [BOX]

-Why? [BOX]

Q11 – Kingdom Hearts is in large a mystery series.  What mysterious aspect of its’ mythology do you like the most?

-The Keyblade

-Keyblade Wars

-Kingdom Hearts

-The Chambers of Repose and Waking

-Terra’s lingering spirit

-Specific characters (such as Organization XIII)

-Other [BOX]

-Describe in detail [BOX]

Q12 – In the future, which hardware would you like to see Kingdom Hearts on? (multiple selection)

-Nintendo DS

-Nintendo 3DS




-Wii U


-Xbox 360




-Other [BOX]

Q13 – Please write a message to Tetsuya Nomura and the rest of the series development staff.


Q14 – Information

-Name [BOX]



-Residence [PROMT]

-Occupation [BOX]

The survey itself isn’t terribly long, so it’ll be submitted in quick.  The areas that say [BOX] basically ask that you type something in.  You MAY submit this survey as incomplete – meaning, where it asks you to specify details or something, you can just leave it blank or write in junk.  But, you might as well put SOMETHING in there for your favorite character.  Going over to the (rather infamous) Kingdom Hearts Wiki, viewing whatever character or keyblade or world page you’re on, there will be an information box that has said character’s name or whatever written in Japanese.  Copy and paste, and you’re good to go.

The results of the poll will be revealed July 28th, but until then, share what you guys voted on in the comments!  But…don’t share everything…cause that will be one loooong comment.

Source(s): FF-Reunion, Famitsu

20 Responses to “Famitsu’s Kingdom Hearts Survey”

  1. Brooke Says:

    Man, now I really wish I was already in my Japanese class. The translations were helpful except for when it came to age and residence. I just put 20 for age even though I’m 19 but the two 10 (kanji) was too confusing haha.

    I put Sora as my favorite character, the Oathkeeper as my favorite keyblade & the end of KH2 as my favorite scene. Also, Birth By Sleep as my favorite game.

  2. Tracy Says:

    I had Sora as my favourite character, Oblivion as my favourite Keyblade, and the scene where Riku and Sora meet up again as my favourite scene.  And Birth by Sleep as my favourite game.  :)   I hope my Japanese wasn’t too dreadful – I mostly used Google Translate, haha!  They’ll probably look at it and go, “What the hell is this crap?!”

  3. Andrew Says:

    Apparently I feel a great connection to this game because when it said to write Tetsuya a letter..I really got into it. HE BETTER READ IT!

    I chose Sora, Kingdom Key, scenes at Destiny Island (BbS), and BbS as my favorite game, and White Mushrooms as my favorite enemies.

  4. Brooke Says:

    Haha, you could have just stuck to English; most Japanese people can speak it these days/probably at least read it. But either way I’m sure they’ll be glad you tried.

  5. Maybe Later Says:

    well i kinda cannot answer
    Cause i liked all the games and i dont have favorites.
    it be call if it will release to the vita . 360 (pc just ruin it)
    maybe iPad.
    forward I want to see deep jungel(Cause i know there is a copyright problem) and i really liked this world and also wonderland

    i want to see the innocence that was in the first game

  6. SeptemberTheObserver Says:

     Ah, residence really didn’t matter! lol

    It was just a list of prefectures all over Japan.  Obviously, none of them apply to you. :P   So, just click on whatever.

  7. Lupinpatronus Says:

    Favorite game: Kingdom Hearts II (I was tempted to say Birth by Sleep, but seeing as I haven’t finished it yet, I didn’t think that was entirely fair).

    Favorite Keyblade: Ultima Weapon. I like whatever can get me through a battle quick and make leveling up easier.Favorite Character: The Princesses of Heart. I know they’re not original to KH, but I couldn’t help it – I’m there for the Disney characters, and the Princesses are of the rare handful of Disney characters that are taken outside of their worlds and forced into situations where they have to interact with lots of other characters. That and they were the center of one of the best subplots of the series.Favorite Scene: All cutscenes from The Battle of the 1,000 Heartless. It was kind of like the final battle in Harry Potter – so many major characters show up, finally work together and it’s just so ridiculously epic. I always look forward to it when I’m playing through KH II.As far as platforms, I chose the PS3 and PC… pretty much just ’cause I have them. Although I’ve always wished the entire series would stay on one platform (which I wrote about in my letter to Tetsuya), because I hate missing out on important story points. The PSP was the only platform I bought just for a Kingdom Hearts game, and the small screen just doesn’t do the game justice. Maybe someday, when the series finds an ending of sorts, they’ll all make their way to the PS3… or, I suppose, by that time, the PS4 or PS5. :{P

  8. Ashley Says:

    I was just all *whatever* and just did everything in English!  And I wrote a ton more than I was expecting in the “letter to Nomura and staff”.
    Anyway, I picked Sora as my favorite character (I have a thing for Beware the Nice Ones and a hero complex), Metal Chocobo as favorite keyblade (cause it’s fun to say), The World that Never Was for my favorite world (odd as that is), and Kingdom Heart II as my favorite game (I loved BBS and cute little kid Sora, BUT I still like the main series the best).
    And this is probably one of those loooong comments they were worried about, so I’ll just end it here.
    Hoping for the best with KH3!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    http://www.kh-vids.net had this up first.

    Credit them properly.

  10. SeptemberTheObserver Says:

     Ok, I really don’t want to deal with this, but whatever.  I’ll play your little game.

    They most definitely did not have it up first.  There’s also the fact that we have a translation for the survey.  Secondly, look at the times:  their news post was made 6:52 PM.  That was roughly 12 hours ago.  Yet, our earliest comments go back to 13 hours ago…

    Go troll elsewhere, please.

  11. Ryan Rincon Says:

    Just answering the first question, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories seemed to have been forgotten on the translation, so hopefully that didn’t mess anyone up..

  12. HollowRiku Says:

    Results will be revealed July 14th! I think 28 is the number of the magazine volume~

  13. Brooke Says:

    RE: Chain of memories was included with KH2 Final Mix + in Japan so I’m sure they’re assuming that the survey takers would include RE: COM in Final Mix + with their answers.

  14. Catherine DeKorte Says:

    lol, this was a fun exercise in practicing my Japanese! Only had to pull up Google translate for one thing because I wasn’t sure how to word it. x3 Didn’t fill out where I was from though since I wasn’t sure if there was an option for foreign respondents or not. :V Ah well, whatever. Doesn’t matter too much, I suppose. :B I just hope what I said makes sense to them, heh. |D;

    But this was cool. Put Way to the Dawn for my fave keyblade, Land of Dragons for fave world, Aqua for my fave character, and Riku and Terra’s meeting for favorite scene. C:

  15. Nickzanini Says:

    bbs is part of the main series^^ its kh0

  16. Debenz Says:


  17. Kevin Rasta Harrington Says:

    favorite character was xion, fav keyblade was sweet memories, fav game was KH1 (come on, the game that started it all!), and fav scene was the opener to KH2…brought about nostalgia as it depicted kh1/CoM while also hyping me up for the game i was about to play

  18. khfanatic Says:


  19. Brooke Says:

    Glad to see someone else really likes Xion. A lot of the KH fandom sees her as a c-block to Axel and Roxas. For me, I like AkuRoku, RokuShi, and of course AkuRokuShi as a friendship.

    And of course, I just like Xion for who she is. But Aqua will always be my #1 favorite female character.

  20. Samara Says:

    Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
    Favorite Character: Aqua
    Favorite Scene: Blank Points from BBS
    Favorite Keyblade: BrightcrestFavorite World: Twilight Town
    Least Favorite World: 100 Acre Wood
    Favorite Enemy: Angel Star (Heartless)
    Least Favorite Enemy: Parasite Cage

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