Forum Posting Hero Tournament

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Raffle

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania Raffle

Think you’re more of a hero than this guy?? KHU is holding our own Coliseum event to find out who the real hero is. We’re hosting a Posting Hero Raffle, where KHU’s greatest hero is going to win a full paid pre-order of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS, in whatever region they live in.

The tournament ends on March 31st, midnight -8 GMT.

How do I play?

All you have to do it post, and if you make it into our TopRanks, then you are awarded a raffle ticket (raffle tickets are how you win)! Raffle tickets are obtained by being in the top 20 posters at the end of day, 9:30PM-8 GMT. Don’t worry about the timezone, though. User posts after that willstill count for the next day. Every person on the top 20 list will get 1 ticket per day. (You can get multiple tickets this way!) Tickets can be obtained starting March 1st, and ending March 31st. A very active person can possibly get 31 tickets this way!

Furthermore, the top 10 posters at end of the month will each get an extra 5 tickets. Usernames will be entered into a random name drawprogram, and on March 31st (11:59PM -8 GMT), the winner will be drawn. (That’s 36 possible tickets!)

The competition is on, folks! So get your fingers ready for some serious typing, cause we gonna get our posts on!

Follow these steps:

1: Make sure you are registered at our forums.
2: Start posting! Feel free to make new threads, or post in ongoing threads. Only posts in subforums that actually count posts will count towards the top 20. So no spamming!
3: Follow the rules, any posts that break the forum rules will be deleted and won’t count. Furthermore, any members banned will have their names removed from the raffle (break the rules 4 times, and you will be banned).
4: Remember, the more tickets you have, the more likely your name is gonna be drawn!


Please contact Shay if anyone has any questions, or discuss it at our forums.

Have fun posting, and hopefully everyone is stoked for Kingdom Hearts 3D!

19 Responses to “Forum Posting Hero Tournament”

  1. Rick Says:

    It’s time!

  2. Rick Says:

    Also, if I live in New York, and it’s 12:00 am, what time is it in GMT?

  3. Arturo Molina Says:

    -8 GMT means PST, so in about 2 hours. 

  4. Daydrianlewis Says:

    So, for us pacific timers. We’ll have to wait till midnight? And as for eastern users, they start now? Pretty confusing.

  5. Arturo Molina Says:

    The time deadline will always be PST. So if it’s midnight PST, that means 3am EST. Not really confusing. 

  6. SUPREMEdarkness Says:

    Hey anybody think aqua is hot if u do explain y cuz i like her miself but i wana nou wat u think

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The clock will always measure the last 24 hours exactly, technically PSTers could have started posting at 9PM last night. 
    There’s no way I could have changed that.

    The post count in the last 24 hours will be the same no matter what time the day technically starts, so don’t worry about it too much. Posts the PSTers make at 10PM will count for the next day’s posts, for example. All of the posts will be counted, the tricky bit is finding out what day they’ll be counted for.

    We’re using an automated system to tell us, so I promise no mistakes will be made in regards to post counts. 

  8. Darkness Says:

    That’s easy. Beautiful face, beautiful body, and a fisty attitude when someone gets her mad.

  9. kitty Says:

    I am going to play kingdom hearts soon

  10. lala Says:

    kingdom haerts OMG SOO COOL

  11. Addy Says:

    Does anyone ever go Mirage Arena? If so, does anyone want to challenge? I’m on every other weeked, and am kinda easy to beat… so if anyone does… i guess just be there?

  12. KingdomheartsFTW Says:

    i just hope whoever wins will make a walkthrough of it and upload it to youtube

  13. Andy Chris Jr. Says:

    Which one? O_______________________o

  14. lala Says:

    can you love kitty???

  15. KHUltimafan Says:

    in the special trailer does it look like riku uses new keyblades.

  16. Says:

    does any body stick with the original games that are about Sora? come on people you can still under stand the whole thing without prequeals

  17. lala Says:

    i hope riku gets a new keyblades be cool.

  18. Pedromatosbenfica Says:

    i need kh3 , i need i need +.+

  19. Pedromatosbenfica Says:

    so beautifull

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