Free Kingdom Hearts 3D preorder, enter our forum raffle!

Enter our forum raffle, free!

We are giving away a free pre-order of Kingdom Hearts 3D to one of our regular members at the end of March. Anyone can join the raffle, and it’s super simple: tickets are earned by only posting on our forums!

What’s going on?

During the month of March, we were be holding a special raffle for members of our forums. Anyone who wants to register and participate is welcome to, up until March 31st. We are holding this raffle during the month of the Japanese release date of Kingdom Hearts 3D, so naturally, the prize is a full paid pre-order of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (in English, folks, not Japanese). Entering is easy, comes at no cost to any of you, and only requires your time.
Raffle tickets are obtained by being in the top 20 posters at the end of day, 11:59PM -8 GMT. Don’t worry about the timezone, though. User posts after that will still count for the next day. Every person on the top 20 list will get 1 ticket per day. (You can get multiple tickets this way!) Tickets can be obtained starting March 1st, and ending March 31st. A very active person can possibly get 31 tickets this way!
Furthermore, the top 10 posters at end of the month will each get an extra 5 tickets. Usernames will be entered into a random name draw program, and on March 31st (11:59PM -8 GMT), the winner will be drawn.

The competition is on, folks! So get your fingers ready for some serious typing, cause we gonna get our posts on!

How do I Enter?

1: Make sure you are registered at our forums.
2: Start posting! Feel free to make new threads, or post in ongoing threads. Only posts in subforums that actually count posts will count towards the top 20. So no spamming!
3: Follow the rules, any posts that break the forum rules will be deleted and won’t count. Furthermore, any members banned will have their names removed from the raffle (break the rules 4 times, and you will be banned).
4: Remember, the more tickets you have, the more likely your name is gonna be drawn!


Please contact Shay if anyone has any questions, or discuss it at our forums.

Have fun posting, and hopefully everyone is stoked for KH3D!