Having a Kingdom Hearts Halloween?

Happy Halloween from Kingdom Hearts Ultimania

Kingdom Hearts Halloween Fandom

It’s spookily been a decade since the original Kingdom Hearts was released (I  suddenly feel like frankenstein) and every year, on Hallow’s Eve, more and more fans get together to dress up as their favourite Kingdom Hearts characters to celebrate the occasion.

At a glance, you could think that Kingdom Hearts is an odd choice for Halloween cos-play, but of course it’s the series’ has always paid homage to the theme, with worlds based on Tim Burton’s cult classic – The Nightmare Before Christmas, included in the original Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2 and two portable entries – Chain of Memories & 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS.

I remember playing the first game those many years ago and being blown away (like a zombie headshot, ok enough puns) – enjoying Halloween Town being rendered so perfectly in 3D, interacting with Jack Skellington, embarassing dying so many times trying to beat Oogie Boogie and humming along to the classic tune of “This is Halloween“.

It’s a shame the world wasn’t included on the Nintendo 3DS game, Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance but at least we’ll get to relive the painful joy of Oogie Boogie in KH HD ReMIX!

Share with us your KH Halloween costume!

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In the meantime, here are a few pictures of some of the most awesome Kingdom Hearts Halloween cosplay over the years. Found any others? Please share 🙂

Happy Halloween from KHU and our friends, Big W!

Halloween & Christmas Town Sora

FightingDreamersPro KH Halloween Cosplay

Amazing Sora Halloween Cos-Play