Happy April Fool’s!

Somebody's angry... It's okay! We'll play nice! ...This time. >:)

April 1st.  For many trolls and mean spirited office jockeys, it is a day of joy.  A day to get back at your boss, or your teacher, for all the torment you’ve had to put up with.  No matter how obtuse, there IS always a certain satisfaction gained from  sprinkling the inside of a toilet bowl with sodium iodide, and the tank with hydrogen peroxide.

However, if you happen to be a Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy fan, there’s no shortage of trolls more than willing to pluck away at your heartstrings, only to callously snip them and laugh incessantly.  Times like these, never trust a Famitsu scan.  And more often, NEVER trust a WhiskeyGeorgeXS.  And it goes without saying…everyone on Gamefaqs is a liar.  But…can you really be blamed for your optimism?

Instead of concocting a fake screenshot to mess with you guys, we just want to wish you a happy April Fool’s day instead!  Rather than mess with you, we encourage you to mess with OTHERS.  It’s payback time, is it not?  Show us your best concoctions!   Your fake scans.  Your fake screenshots.  And who knows….you might even get something neat out of it.

And of course, we lastly celebrate the release of KH3D and the subsequent flood of information…with Fonzie Jumping The Shark!

Once more, have a PLEASANT April Fool’s, and keep that creative mind tinkering!