Happy Halloween from KHU!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Pumpkins scream in the dead of night


It’s that time again. The day where you dress up in silly costumes and go door to door to get candy from strangers that may or may not be friendly. The staff here at Kingdom Hearts Ultimania wishes you all a very Happy Halloween. Hope you have fun out there in your merry stroll of terror, you ghouls and goblins!

Speaking of trick-or-treating, here’s a treat from one of the staff – a tribute to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas’ original poem.

A Nightmare on KHU Street

It was late in fall on Halloween day,
and KHU felt a chill.
Against all logic our characters sat,
resisting the urge to kill.
They were bloody and starved with Cheshire grins;
thinking thoughts we dared not name.
I digress; this is where our story must begin:
“I’m sick of the happy, the smiles, the light.
It’s time I was something that goes bump in the night.”
Sora did one October night exclaim,
Hero’s might always win but god! It was such a pain.
With a goal set in mind, he dressed up like a tramp
(He got this idea from a book about some sparklin’ vamp),
And out from the grave, with a quack and a woof
Arose the clumsy, questioning, loyal-ass spoofs.
Donald, donning his most terrifying robes
scared off little children as an Alien with probes.
Goofy, upset that he couldn’t be Oogie Boogie,
Decided instead to be the terrifying Rob Zombie.
All that night, and through the next day,
The three spooked and scared.
They didn’t save any hearts.
Instead they found some guns and shot some feds
then started chewing on children’s heads.
Not twenty feet from their feasting ground,
Mickey and Riku stood looking very dumbfound.
Deciding it’d be best, not to attest,
just joined them instead.
Once their stomachs were full with fresh flesh and bones,
agreed: let he who has never gone bad cast the first stones.
Sora definitely thought, this is much better now
and he even managed to keep his keyblade somehow!
Immersed in dark, Sora became one of the haunted.
But it was totally awesome since this was what he wanted.
The rest of us feared with the strength of a burning fire,
while readers hoped we were really just liars.
Sora took brains and skin and didn’t leave leftovers
this sudden change could be from M.P.Disorder?
In any case there is much reason to fret,
so about this we warn you all, with much regret.
Before we become the food of the dead,
with our remains strung out before the woodshed,
and other things quite obscene;
we want to wish you all a Happy Happy Halloween