In case some of you guys haven’t noticed, weird things have been popping up around various sites lately (with more to come…?  Hmm….)

??ME ??U? O?N K???D?? ???R?S ??M?
??CHS?? ?U? WN??? HK???!? ?CH?
??CHS??  ???RU?? ?F?F?? ?CH??R?

All will be revealed soon.  But until then…what do you guys think…?


Dot dot dot. Dot dot dot? Dot dot dot.
Dot dot dot.

16 Responses to “Hmmm…”

  1. Xela Says:

    im confused…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Who gives a fuck.

  3. Black Otsel Says:

    wat’s it matter

  4. Brooser Says:

    One site’s article is “Name Your Own Kingdom Heart Game,” one has do with what FF character you would want to see in a future KH title, and one has to do with what KH characters you would want to see in a future title.

    Since I somehow doubt that Nomura is going to the fans to write his games, I’m guessing… some kind of fan game project, going to the fans for suggestions? Or maybe just a big fanfiction or something? I’ll admit, I’m a little intrigued as to what’s going on…

  5. Theking Tga Says:

    hmmmm some thing not right see site ops

  6. icopyu Says:

    any one else think that someone wants ideas for a kingdom hearts spin off……. -_-

  7. Jake Says:

    Kingdom hearts 3ds

  8. Robix Says:

    Troll is troll.

  9. Manuel Aguilar Says:

    Could they be planning on doing a type of KH: Online….

  10. Fubreeze Fubreeze Says:


  11. Ian Manning Says:

    Looney Tune haters.

  12. Ex Detsu Says:

    Dot dot dot. Dot dot dot? Dot dot dot.

    Dot dot dot.

    Sure is middle school writing style in here.

  13. Kilala Says:

    Ummmm….what? What does Looney Tunes have to do with anything?

  14. Torin Duvall Says:

    Keyblade War MMORPG …Nuff said

  15. MitchellW6330 Says:

    A cool kingdom hearts mini game or better :D

  16. Guelito Says:

    Kingdom Hearts Online

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