Is KH: Birth by Sleep Volume II Just Another Spin-off? (Two Games, One Destiny – Part II)

Will KH: Birth by Sleep Volume Two be a worthy sequel for KH fans?

Breaking Down Birth By Sleep

The more I think about Birth by Sleep, the more convinced I am that Birth by Sleep Volume Two was an inevitability. Then again, I’ve had a good feeling about Volume Two since we received the trailer. But when you look at the development of the original Birth by Sleep back when it was just beginning, you’ll find that the game was originally slated to be released on a main console (see Famitus 2010), not the PSP. There’s also a lot of debate about where Square Enix was going to end the game and where exactly the fight in the Keyblade Graveyard would fit into the overall timeline of Kingdom Hearts. There was even some mention that the game creators had thought of starting the game off with that final battle at one point. The two together tells me that Birth by Sleep did not have the proper finish they originally had in mind for the game. Time considerations and other issues in development (including some experimentation with the gameplay system) moved the game onto the PSP and left it with the ultimate cliffhanger. The ending to Birth by Sleep plays on the tried and true method of leaving the game open for continuation while also having it ready to be dropped if the sales weren’t satisfactory–a tactic perfected by the original Kingdom Hearts. Clearly, the stats gave Birth by Sleep Volume Two a go ahead, so of course they went with it. Ergo, the developer’s reasoning for a sequel is simple: They’re just finishing what they started.

Come Play In Darkland, We’ve Got…..Gas Pillars?

Okay, that’s not entirely fair to Volume Two, but a lot of fans have raised the question: What sort of story could possibly be worth telling here? Birth by Sleep can be seen as a cliffhanger of sorts–a cliffhanger that is resolved by the rest of the series. What story could be so important to warrant another game?

With the final showdown with Xehanort to take place in Kingdom Hearts 3 (so we think), could Square Enix be setting up a new enemy to fill his shoes?

BbS Volume Two, with only the one trailer and not much exposition to draw from there, is indeed nebulous. But the end of the trailer we do have reveals that, whatever story there is, it’s a dire circumstance: Sora and Ventus disappear from their positions in Birth by Sleep. Sora is the agent of change and action in the series so far, and Ventus seems to be labeled as a prize, so the message I get is that the stakes are absolute victory or loss for either side. That alone, the make-or-break nature of that one little scene, already raises my interest. What could be so big that it would affect the future of the series as we know it? What’s the sacrifice?

But the bigger question we have to ask ourselves is what the developers are hinting at with the entire secret ending of Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Remember, Square Enix isn’t stupid, and a really bad mistake on their part would be to assume that their fan-base is stupid. They aren’t just going to have you running through the Dark Realm for the sake of it, and they certainly aren’t saying that Cinderella’s castle having two clouds floating over it like ominous eyes is just a reminder that the hearts of worlds will fall into darkness. No, they are subtly emphasizing something, presenting facts we know with a context of something more beyond it. That’s where the story lies, and with all that considered, I think that the developers are thinking beyond Kingdom Hearts 3 and into Kingdom Hearts 4. They’re likely setting something up here, creating the new conflict and the enemy to go along with it. Conspiracy theorists such as myself have our ideas of who will represent this upset and how the series will go on after Xehanort is finally vanquished, but given the focus on the dark realm and the scene of the darkness swelling up towards the light combined with the ominous presentation of Cinderella’s castle, it may very well be possible that BbS Volume Two is addressing what will be the growing problem of imbalances between the realm of light and the realm of darkness. Moving from a ‘mortal’ antagonist to the resulting forces of ‘nature’ is a grand step indeed, and in other stories we’ve seen this work (like the aforementioned Alan Wake). We just don’t know for sure, but I feel certain that Square Enix is using BbS Volume Two as some form of stepping stone to finish up the Xehanort Trilogy as well as introduce the next one. Which is good storytelling. Setting up the ominous nature of the new threat before it’s finally introduced more fully will increase the story’s effectiveness.

Shadows Hid By Mechanics

If a sequel to Birth by Sleep ends up happening, there’s no doubt Aqua will be playing a major role. She’s the only one not possessed or lacking a heart at the moment. Expect lots of new shotlocks.

That’s all well and good, but what about the mechanics of BbS Volume Two, you say? What advancement do we see there? Well, I don’t see them doing the same radical things they’re doing with 3D. In fact, in the interest of time, they’d probably just expand on Birth by Sleep’s system so as to keep the story fresh in our minds. Expanded commands, shotlocks and abilities are to be expected, alongside fixing any problems that the original Birth by Sleep might’ve had. That said, I think the actual gameplay is going to become more exploratory. In the Secret Episode, the results of your fights directly led to more terrain on which to walk and explore (the previously mentioned gas pillars become solid stone), which is a keen marriage between the two, becoming more engaging than simply dropping shields or what have you. Indeed, that can become a very clever trick so long as they play around with it as opposed to playing the same card over and over. This two-hit combo promises results due to what seems to be the main setting, the Dark Realm, which is enchantingly bizarre and disturbing. In a world like that, you need to take advantage of looking around and seeing the nooks and crannies. This exploratory aspect can also be used to augment storytelling, using the wide open spaces seen in the Secret Episode to emphasize the isolation of whoever you play as (most likely Aqua) or taking you into a narrower and darker area to induce stress and panic. While Square Enix hasn’t emphasized this style of thinking with Kingdom Hearts before, BbS Volume Two seems to be going in that direction, based on what I get from the Secret Episode. So despite what little we have on BbS Volume Two, the developers have shown, very subtly, some of the things they’re thinking about.

The Verdict

Overall, I’m one of those people who generally sits on the fence, undecided between the two issues. I can see what Nomura and the rest of the staff are thinking with these two games: it’s an opportunity for them to explore new ways to tell the story and enhance the gameplay while the people who really know Kingdom Hearts are preoccupied with Final Fantasy XIII Versus. And there is a lot I’m excited about in that regard. But at the same time, if these crews can produce games of quality, games that I’ll care about (unlike Coded, which still seems strictly like a time waster to me), then I don’t see why they can’t just work on Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s a hard game for Square Enix to justify to fans of the series, since even their best intentions still focus on the possibility of big profits.

Of course, the thing I think is most important is that Square Enix and the fans don’t owe each other anything. Square Enix doesn’t have to make games for us at all. In fact, they could call it all off right now and not suffer much as a business–and we don’t owe them anything beyond the money for the games, if we even owe them that. We obviously want more story, otherwise we wouldn’t complain about the fact that we’re getting side games instead of Kingdom Hearts 3 yet again or write our thoughts about these games. They want more as well, because they do apologize in small ways to the fans for their money-driven tactics and try to make up for it. But in the mean time, they’ll do what they will, and we’ll do what we will. And if we meet to enjoy their products and they to enjoy our cash?

Well, all the better then.

Your Thoughts

Arcane – What are your feelings on the possibility of a sequel to Birth by Sleep? Would you rather have Kingdom Hearts 3? Do you think Nomura is setting up a new enemy to succeed Xehanort? And what about the story for Birth by Sleep Volume Two? Is there really anything left to tell that would be as good as the first one? Give us your thoughts!

60 Responses to “Is KH: Birth by Sleep Volume II Just Another Spin-off? (Two Games, One Destiny – Part II)”

  1. aqua Says:

    Aqua is hot.

  2. Thedreamless1 Says:

    There is so much that they can do with BBS vol. 2 it’s disgusting. Among the possibilities include the fall of the original six members of Organization 13, how Mickey gets the Keyblade of Darkness, how Riku escapes from the RoD and goes to Castle Oblivion (now that Aqua is revealed to be its creator, I personally think she sent him there thinking he would be safe, like Ven), the list goes on and on. Personally, I hope they flesh out some of the secondary characters, especially Namine. If Kairi, a Princess of Light, can wield the Keyblade, shouldn’t Namine (by default) be able to as well? Roxas sure can.

  3. unknow316 Says:

    Nomurara said it himself the xehanort saga will end soon in other words he really has plans for something else entirely after xehanort and I’m totally with you about the whole natural dark force or something like that i bet it has to do with what happen on the keyblade war etc etc can’t wait this game and its whole mythology is just so awesome

  4. Guest101 Says:

    I don’t know, I saw the secret ending myself, but I refuse to believe Volume 2 is an actual game until Nomura or Square-Enix officially confirm it. Still, you got some some pretty good ideas there.

  5. Aluru Says:

    In all honesty, when I first found out about Volume 2, I was PISSED. Initially it was because of the whole spinoff fiasco that’s going on. Sure Days was able to explain a bit of Roxas’ story and the organization during the time Sora was asleep, but I’m pretty sure we all know that was just a fanservice game. Coded I don’t even want to talk about. Waste of time and space. The first BBS I wasn’t even all that big a fan of. I guess storyline wise it was good, it went into explaining… well… a lot of things. (And of course adding in random shit that doesn’t make sense) But really, I don’t think it was all that necessary. I’m sure all us Kingdom Hearts fans would have been okay with just KH1, KH2 and then bam straight into KH3 (because let’s face it, we all hated KHcom). But hey, I understand they want money and they can make up as much shit as they’d like and we love it anyway.

    ANYWAY, I’m really not holding my breath for Volume 2. I have hopes for it, hopes that it’ll actually explain everything or at least make a little more sense of everything. The trailer led me to believe they’ll connect everything together, which would be nice. But… it’s Kingdom Hearts. They really hate to let their fans actually know what’s going on.

  6. Sammy_d Says:

    I think this game is going to be great, as we will get to see what happens to many worlds once they have been consumed by the heartless. As well as knowing what happens to Aqua over the 10 years.

  7. Axonater Says:

    “Of course, the thing I think is most important is that Square Enix and the fans don’t owe each other anything. Square Enix doesn’t have to make games for us at all. In fact, they could call it all off right now and not suffer much as a business–and we don’t owe them anything beyond the money for the games, if we even owe them that. We obviously want more story, otherwise we wouldn’t complain about the fact that we’re getting side games instead of Kingdom Hearts 3 yet again or write our thoughts about these games. They want more as well, because they do apologize in small ways to the fans for their money-driven tactics and try to make up for it. But in the mean time, they’ll do what they will, and we’ll do what we will. And if we meet to enjoy their products and they to enjoy our cash?”

    Could not agree more! I’m totally stoked about getting BbS2 coming out, there is just so much that it could show and explain in depth about things, sure we know happened… but how? Like the rest of the organization, surely if Aqua is a big key character she will want to keep tabs on “Terra” and Ven right? So that would probably mean learning more about the organization as well as behind the scenes of Sora and Riku’s story during the KH G1… or maybe something like that.

    But just knowing someone else is thinking Square might already be diving into ideas for KH4 is exciting enough. Gosh, I hope that happens.

  8. Brooke Says:

    I think it’s going to be very interesting learning what was happening with Aqua in the time that leads up to the original KH; after all, she’s trapped in the realm of darkness for 9 years; I’m sure something happened. And I have a slight feeling that Riku may have met her when he was in there, just my opinion.

  9. Axonater Says:

    Riku and Aqua meeting again? That would be really interesting, possibly fuel her sympathy for him even more in concerns of what happened with Terra.

  10. Thea Larson Says:

    This is one article I can agree with. And I like how you went from using “spinoffs” to “side titles” – the two terms refer to entirely different things and I think “side title” is more appropriate. So, thanks for that. You make entirely valid points and justify them and I can appreciate that entirely.

    I still haven’t seen the secret ending to BBSFM! I feel like a woefully neglectful Kingdom Hearts fan. I will be rectifying that shortly :D

  11. Ryan Says:

    That’s all very interesting idea, I’ve never thought about it and so don’t have any real reason but i feel like if Namine could wield the Keyblade we would have seen it by now. And either way unless her current situation changes i don’t see that happening. As for Riku, they said in CoM that Diz was the one who brought him to Castle Oblivion.

  12. Jackie Says:

    9 years. The length of that has just struck me. WOW.

  13. Jackie Says:

    It’s not that he won’t let us know. He lets us in on the secrets very very slowly.

  14. Jackie Says:

    Hmmm…Namine. I’d like to see more of Namine but I think both her and Roxas’ time are over. They’ve had their respective spotlights and if we’re going to see more of Aqua, then I don’t see BBSV2 flash-forwarding to those two again.

  15. Foursword4 Says:

    I for one am looking forward to playing Volume II, assuming it is a full fledged game. With details being nonexistent minus the bonus video, all we have now are assumptions. But regardless, if it will be anything like Birth By Sleep, it will be an excellent game. In my opinion, SquareEnix has an excellent way on building up the story. Although it feels a tad dragged out at this point, it makes the wait for the ending of the Xehanort saga even more anticipated. Sure, we’ve had quite a few side titles since Kingdom Hearts 2, but each game brought something new to the table, and they were each -fun- in their own way. Each had high points, and some low points, but SquareEnix is providing their fans with games to enjoy. With Birth by Sleep being my favorite thus far, I can only hold high hopes for the next part to be just an enjoyable. I don’t recall two KH games playing exactly alike, so if SquareEnix expanded the BbS formula, I’m sure it will be an excellent title as we wait for Kingdom Hearts 3.

    The idea of exploring the World of Darkness is fresh and an idea that many fans have been thinking about since the beginning. Knowing that the WoD is NOT a happy place by any means, I can sense that Volume II will be the darkest entry in the series yet. In my opinion, a darker and edgier view of what happens to worlds that “die” will help put into focus what the whole series thus far has been riding on.

  16. Xela Says:

    im tired of these damn spinoffs. enough is enough. i mean 6 already exist (with 2 of those in the making). come on man…

  17. Arcane Says:

    1)Thanks for all the feedback, everybody.
    2)It’s strange how I went from glowering at these games to thinking that Square Enix is about give us one heck of a sucker punch with them.

  18. Debenz Says:

    It’s 11 years, not 9.

  19. ZFAIRfan Says:

    This article is useless. There isn’t even any proof that this is a real game!

  20. Maurice Hoek Says:

    Naminé could’ve possibly used the Keyblade, but considering Kairi could use it, just a few moments before she merged with Naminé again, I don’t think Naminé could’ve managed to use it earlier then her original self.

    Also, i’m really excited to see BbS V-2 being released, as long as it’s on the original PSP. Please Nomura, I bought a DSi specificly for Days, thought of Re:Coded as a bonus, considering it wasn’t even the best title, it was the worst. Still good though. But considering i traded in that same DSi for a 3DS to get Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, i’d say it’s enough! I don’t want to trade in yet another handheld (PSP) to play BbS V-2 on the next one (NGP).

    BbS V-2 sounds great! And I for one think BbS V-1 was even better then KH2.
    Keep the series going!
    But do keep it on DS/3DS PSP/PS3.

    Thank you!

  21. Bosh104 Says:

    I’d obviously expect Volume Two to be about Aqua, her time in the Realm of Darkness, her experiences there as the events of KH-KH2 affect the Realm of Darkness, all the way up until she runs into Ansem.. but i have a feeling that just like Birth by Sleep, Volume Two could follow multiple stories at a time, even multiple characters. Mickey was shown in the Realm in the trailer, so i wouldnt be surprised to see a scenario following his time there, most likely spanning from KH until he finds Riku in Castle Oblivion. Maybe he knows Ventus was there. I’d also be most of all interested if Volume Two elaborated on Xehanort’s past as Ansem’s apprentice, him slowly regaining his memories, all the way up until he splits into Ansem SOD and Xemnas..maybe it’d hint at Braig’s influence over him, and also Lea and Isa’s plan, judging by the fact that they all reside in Radiant Garden, and Isa apparently goes through Braig’s mutation of pointy ears and yellow eyes before he becomes Saix..because Birth by Sleep seems to be it’s own series focusing strictly on the past of characters, and the origins of Xehanort more than anything else, i mean it even hints at Master Xehanort’s younger appearance and his home world.. And I’d also be interested to see if Master Eraqus plays any influence in Xehanort, like if he mentally communicates with a confused Xehanort, etc.. but in the end i do think it will ultimately all connect to the final chapter which seems to be Kingdom Hearts 3.

  22. Bosh104 Says:

    That’s a really good point, Volume 2 may not even be a game, especially the way Square-Enix loves screwing with fans’ heads with their surprises..

  23. Arcane Says:

    Riiiight, because they always release special videos and extra game areas for games that aren’t real. Because that wouldn’t be silly.

    Sarcasm is just one of the free services I offer.

  24. Arcane Says:

    I find myself asking then: What is it? It’s not a movie, because Disney kiboshed that ages ago. It’s really not likely to be a book or manga collection, because those just don’t bring in the same level of money. What is it if not a game? A sculpture?

    Seriously, what is the basis for this idea of BBSV2 not being a game? Am I missing something here or is it just frustration taking new form?

  25. Guest101 Says:

    This is Square we’re talking about. For all we know, it could be a movie, not necessarily a theatrical one, but maybe something like Advent Children. And maybe it is a game. I’m not saying it’s not a game, all I’m saying is I’d rather wait for Nomura or Square to officially confirm it, then I’ll believe it’s a game.

  26. Andrew Says:

    Since I beat BbS, I’ve been wanting a second game. I’m really excited for Volume II and the idea of introducing the new enemy sounds like a great idea. Hopefully that’s what Tetsuya had in mind. Can’t wait for this and KH3! I could do without 3Ds

  27. Guest101 Says:

    5 actually, BBS is NOT a spinoff. Nomura himself said it was basically on the same level as a numbered title (it can be called KH0). Even video game critics compared the game to KH1 & KH2. Thus, BBS is NOT a spinoff.

  28. Guest101 Says:

    The NGP is delayed. I hope that convinces Nomura to stay away from it

  29. Axonater Says:

    Sure, I wouldn’t want to set my hopes up too far for a new game… but yeah, they came out with a special video and everything for BbS volume 2! Didn’t they even say something about volume 2 in the video itself? lolz I should probably watch that again.

  30. Stephanie Says:

    I see the Kh BBS volume 2 to be the continuation of how the apprentices came into power and then transformed into their dark sinister cloaks. Of course knowing more about the members to recruite before they finally joined them. Plus revealing all the names and some history about them before they became nobodies. They gave a little cameo of Lea and Isa, but they need more of their pasts as well. I still feel that Lea may have known Demyx’s somebody to a certain degree. I have seen fan art of them alot. Saix and Xigbar have the yellow eyes and pointed ears for a reason and I really want to know why Briag was in alliegence with Xenhaort. These things need to be explained.

    And to mention the bond between King Mickey, and Ansem and Aqua being thrown into the mix.

  31. Arcane Says:

    It’s a fair point, except for the aforementioned fact that Disney isn’t allowing for Kingdom Hearts to be made into a movie right now because of the image it presents, something Disney is, in some ways, hyper-sensitive about right not. It’s like Firefly-the fans may want it, but the company has their own ideas and reasoning.

    I can understand the “wait and see” attitude(and by all means, go for it), but Occam’s Razor dictates if it looks like a game, it’s probably a game. I’ll play the odds, and if I’m wrong, then I know to avoid Vegas.

  32. Ian Manning Says:

    Well, I think Nomura’s just making excuses, but I can see why a sequel is on high demand, the first game had orchestrated brilliance, and even though the voice work needed a bit of a tune up, Aqua is probably the best idea for a female hero in Kingdom Hearts alongside Sora. I say, this game will be somewhat like Dream Drop Distance, not a spin-off, but the next chapter in the main story. We’re counting on you Sora and Aqua, bring us Kingdom Hearts 3!!

  33. Brooke Says:

    No… it’s definitely 9. Sora is 5 in BBS, at least assuming from the fact that it’s confirmed Sora was 5 when he found Kairi on the beach. He was 14 when KH took place. That’s 9 years.

  34. Brooke Says:

    Yep. I’m a weirdo and I’m not a fan of TerraxAqua but I can totally see AquaxRiku even though Aqua’s so much older than him. But I can see Riku being interested in older women =P

    But yeah, Terra & Riku are almost as bonded as Sora and Ventus so I’m like reallyreallyreally sure that that him and Aqua are going to cross paths.

  35. Irfansyahm Says:

    I think bbs vol 2 will answer the questions like how the heck mickey ended up in darkness and found the gold key…also how the worlds that aren’t seen in kingdom hearts 1 got consumed by darkness(e.g castle of dreams,enchanted dominion, and dwarf woodlands)…and both series will provide connection to kh3

  36. Debenz Says:

    Sora is 14 and Riku is 15 in KH1. If BBS is 10 years before KH1, Sora is 4 and Riku is 5. Maleficent takes over the worlds 9 years before KH1(1 year after BBS), which would make Sora 5, and Riku 6. BBS is 10 years before KH1. KH2 is 1 year after KH1, which Sora is 15, and Riku 16. That would make BBS(Aqua stuck in the realm of darkness) 11 years before KH2. Even Nomura confirmed all this about Sora being 4 and Riku being 5, and if he didn’t, all he had to say was BBS is 10 years before KH1, which would make Sora 4 and Riku 5. If BBS is 9 years before KH1, why didn’t we see Maleficent take out the worlds and see Apprentice Xehanorts experiments that created the emblem heartless?Time to do research and play over the games lol. Now you have someone believing that Aqua was stuck in the realm of darkness for 9 years when it was 11. If you don’t believe me, you can go on any KH website and ask how old Sora and Riku are in BBS and how much years it is before KH1?

  37. Jack Mowat Says:

    Unless “Final Mix” is in the title, it isn’t a spin-off.

  38. Axonater Says:

    lol I was just talking about how Aqua and Terra were good friends… it was really hard to see them as a romantic pairing honestly, I think that trio was just meant to be friends. Riku… he seemed a little hard to pin relationship wise too, I’m one of those people that could see Sora being paired off with either Kairi or Riku because of all the… just stuff between the three.

    But yeah! Exactly! That scene in BbS when Terra saw Riku turn into his older self and the vision of Xehanort (or Terranort) on the beach was really sad… Aqua will have to cross paths again with Riku.

  39. Beau Says:

    I guess… even after reading these two articles, I’m still sort of upset. Birth by Sleep Volume 2 has “Needles Filler” written all over it, in my opinion. They wouldn’t be making all of these spinoff games if Tetsuya and co. would just finish up Versus XIII and get to work on KH3. If a sequel takes this long to make, it almost isn’t worth it.

  40. Maurice Hoek Says:

    The reason for the delay on the NGP is awful. But for the sake of BbS V-2… I think it’s for the better. We’ve seen a lot of KH games spread out on too many different handhelds. Let’s indeed hope, that this makes Nomura keep it on the original PSP.

  41. Brooke Says:

    Hm.. Well maybe it was a flaw in the english game or errors between planning the games, but I specifically remember it was either Aerith or Jiminy’s Journal that says something about all the trouble beginning 9 years ago.

  42. Brooke Says:

    JK to my last comment, what you’re saying makes sense now about the emblem and such. I just kind of as assumed that happened within only a few months since Nomura never really specifies the time period of how long each game is since it never shows them sleeping or anything lol. I have a feeling though that somehow being in the realm of darkness stops time or something so Aqua’s not going to age at all and our arguement will be invalid any way haha As for Terra & Ventus, I’m sure they’re magically frozen in time somehow too just because of their positions (I’m assuming this since Roxas looks exactly like Ventus, height & look wise).

  43. Debenz Says:

    I didn’t consider this as a argument, I was just trying to help so someone who doesn’t know and reads your comment, they will get the wrong info(which someone did read it lol). It was Leon who said that Maleficent took over the worlds 9 years ago. Time in the realm of darkness flows differently than in the realm of light. Example: 1 year in the realm of light is 1 month in the realm of darkness. It’s not confirmed how much time, but that would make sense lol. Ven won’t age because he doesn’t have his heart, and Apprentice Xehanort will return to the same age he lost his body in. Actaully, how Roxas looks has nothing to do with Ven’s height or age, it has to do with Sora, since Roxas is his body and soul. Look at Vanitas, Sora was 4 years old, but Vanitas looks like a teen. That is because of Ven.

  44. Snackless Says:


  45. Snackless Says:

    Looking too much into it. Worlds were engulfed in darkness, now aqua has to deal with balance within darkness; the fact that sora and ventus disappear also could mean more memory lapsing (aqua/mickey/riku/ansem all trying to hold on to sanity in the DR) and volume 2 may be filler similar to ‘Days’, in a way were its not necessary but more like filing you in on certain cracks in the story (like, “wtf happens in the DR??”). I can see the exploration part. Since the worlds were kind of small due to multiple characters having to be played and ~cloaked~ back-tracking in BBS1, I can see Aqua going into previously known worlds engulfed in darkness to explore more of the area in more expanded sort of ways; I wouldn’t mind exploring a dark version of mainland Destiny Isles; maybe even a teamup with Tidus&Wakka who were also probably missing in the DR for a while when Destiny Islands were swallowed by darkness. Or even another go at The World That Never Was; having a look at tht world because isnt it supposed to be in the Realm Between? So it could be a cool (and huge) place to explore and probably get more info on how the rest of the Organization became heartless AND what was Saix’s and Axel’s secret plan? That would be interesting to touch upon. So many tiny & grand things that could be answered in this game for sure. You can kind of call it the last shot at explaining the past becuz after this its all about the future; 3D, BBS2, KH3 & then onward (unless a BBS3 comes out, thn anything goes XD) Plus gameplay wise I think it wuld be interesting to have a D-Link kind of thing happen, where you’re basically switching between characters similar to KH3D, but only as the story advances, and since you have a D-Link with the other playable characters you carry your stats with you no matter who you play; like some telepathic/clairvoyant/empathic leveling up.

    End Note: I really would care if KH was ten years away, the more KH the better!!

  46. Snackless Says:


  47. Dualblindfold Says:

    Stupid KH fanboys/girls eating up every spinoff SE throws at us. I’m not buying another KH game until KH3 comes out.

  48. Arcane Says:

    I have to try and see more in it than is readily available. Otherwise it would have been a boring article.

    That said, while there ARE a lot of little things that can be tied up with this game that could make a satisfactory story, I think it’s also a little boring just to assume that’s all there is-plus it doesn’t fit Enix’s style of storytelling and regular Japanese themes. I can really honestly say that I feel that Enix designed the Secret Episode deliberately to make people see what they expect to see while including hints about the true nature of the game without it being obvious. Enix can be quite dynamic with their stories, and even more so with their teasers. You have to admit, it’d be one hell of a sucker punch, and it’d be a story that catches our attention.

  49. Harry Ide12 Says:

    Think about this, for me their is these choices:
    1. This is KH:3 (it makes sense)
    2. it will be the final game before KH:3
    3. it will be like days(as in not completely needed but good to play)

    on an other topic

    What happened to KH:reconnected which was shown at the end of recoded? (no I never owned the game.)

  50. Xagzan Says:

    The only KH game I am now not looking forward to is whichever is the first one without Xehanort as the villain. Because he’s been the main villain this whole series, so who knows if Nomura and co. can produce equally awesome stories after his is finished. Who knows how they’ll handle it.

    So, naturally, I’m pretty excited for a BBS2. The picture used for this article, the Castle of Dreams, was wonderfully ghastly and highly reminiscent of one of my favorite KH1 levels, the End of the World. And if BB2 does take place in the Dark Realm, it would perhaps be the darkest KH game yet, kind of like what we expected KH2 to be after watching ASAS/DD. If Aqua’s a playable character in BB2 also, that’s even better. She’s definitely become of my favorite KH characters, plus it would give Willa Holland a chance to improve her performance. And who knows, maybe the Mysterious Figure will make an appearance.

    By the way, that scene from the Secret Episode with that huge column of darkness rushing to the sky, I just assumed that was Xehanort (or was it Maleficent?) having opened the door in HB to the flood of darkness that would consume it for the next decade.

    So yeah, bring on BBS2, especially if it’s anything like that screenshot at the top of the page. My patience in waiting for KH3 while side titles come out hasn’t worn off yet.

  51. Arcane Says:

    In the same way it seems strange to me that people think BBSV2 isn’t going to be a game, it wierds me out how many people think that the recconect statements at the end of the last couple of side games means they’re making a KH game called that. To answer your question then: They aren’t.

  52. Arcane Says:

    Considering that out of the three side games released so far after KH 2 the only one I’ve bought is Birth By Sleep, I find myself raising an eyebrow at this.

  53. Angiec5408 Says:

    I think all these “spin offs” are totally neccessary. Their needed to tell what was never told from the beginning and to help explain the whole story better…which is pretty darn confusing speaking theres 6 games…my thing is there are all these games basically on different devices. There are broke people out here! lol i mean come on..first playstation 2, gameboy advance, nintendo ds, psp, and hell now you gotta buy nintendo THREE ds?? i mean man..not minding all the games but not everybody has that kinda luxury. I love love love the kingdom hearts series and that just about all i can complain about! :P No ones ever satisfied..But lastly I think itd be pretty darn cool if another game came out on something like the xbox just so we could all compete and play together and have the highest ranked player by wifi or something. How awesome would that be??

  54. Magikdan91 Says:

    idc bring on all the kh!!!!

  55. Wrmsnicket Says:

    I do agree with a lot of what you’re saying. I think that BbS V2 is going to be similar and I think that since one of the last things we see are Cinderella’s Castle shrouded in darkness is extremely important. Otherwise, they would have had a much more relevant reveal.

    My personal theory on this is that this is Cinderella’s Castle during the span of KH as well as the time before hand. In other words, before Sora brought the worlds back, this is where they went: the Realm of Darkness. Which makes sense, since this is the Heartless’s home.

    But there was one thing I didn’t agree with. And that was that Re:Coded was a total waste of time. I mean, sure it didn’t expand the story that much, didn’t even involve the main characters, and didn’t introduce any new worlds, but it did effectively kill Sora’s Heartless, give us a glimpse of 3D, and most importantly, give us the way Pluto left Traverse Town in the first game.

    To me, this was one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever seen Square Enix do. And that’s bring something about that fans wondered about at the time, but was eventually forgotten, only to bring it back after a four game span, not including remakes. And this got me thinking. I know that this would just be another filler idea, but I would find it fascinating. And that’s a game which shows exactly what Pluto was doing in KH I + II. Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one who would buy this game. And if I am, I appreciate you reading this far. This was just my two cents.

  56. Xxthemvpxx Says:

    I’m tired of waiting for kh3. 6 years ive waited for what I hoped would be the best game i would have ever played, but hope is pretty much gone for me for kh3.

  57. Guest Says:

    Birth by Sleep Volume 2 is an intriguing premise. Notice how in the scenes where Aqua meets Ansem the Wise in the Realm of Darkness a year after Kingdom Hearts II, she looks the same as she did in Birth by Sleep. She hasn’t aged at all. Maybe the rules of time are different in the Dark Realm. Anyway, I think the story of BBS Volume 2 will be about Maleficent and the Disney villains taking over the worlds and plunging them into darkness, as is evident when Aqua witnesses the Castle of Dreams being consumed by darkness. I think this installment will show the fall of Radiant Garden and how Kairi wound up on Destiny Islands, as well as how Leon, Yuffie and Aerith ended up in Traverse Town. We will also probably learn more about Organization XIII, because Aqua will want to check up on Ventus and Terra if she can. I still don’t see how this game can cover a period of about 10 years, but it’s still exciting nonetheless….

  58. Guest Says:

    By far the hottest character in the series.

  59. Phillipflowerchild Says:

    I just hope that they will release this game on more than one system! I hate having to get a new console for EVERY game. I got a new PSP so I could play BbS, and a week after I beat all of the chapters, some degenerate scum stole my PSP and the game! Now I’m getting a 3DS so I can play KH3D. It too will probably go missing after I beat it. Hopefully not. But back to what I was saying, I don’t want to pay a monthly fee on a PS Vita just so I can play one game.

  60. chris Says:

    Well… I hope this makes sense… if you have seen the secret ending of birth by sleep final mix, you would have noticed seeing a castle behind aqua. For everyone who said it’s hollow bastion. Wrong. It’s cinderella’s castle. When aqua found the castle, it was during the time of the very first Kingdom hearts. Remember when cinderella’s world was already consumed by darkness? And only maleficent and fairy godmother escaped witb cinderella? Well, the world went into the realm of darkness where aqua is. Birth by sleep volume 2 could be about aqua exploring all the worlds that had been consumed already. Along side Mickey and riku. When both were also in the realm of darkness. It would complete the story… connect the pieces… it’s deeper than you think…

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