KH Filmstrip Timeline

This is Tarif Khonder. As you probably know from his Show Off Your Collection post, Tarif is a KH fan of the most devoted kind! In that post, you can see he has his own Terra costume. Now, he’s taken the time to create a picture explanation of the entire storyline of Kingdom Hearts thus far (in order as they happen within the storyline), featured at This tremendous and noteworthy effort shows his status as a Kingdom Hearts mega fan, and Tarif has allowed us to feature his work on the site. Why not commemorate the release of Dream Drop Distance and the occasion of KH’s 10th anniversary by reliving all its games in a super-compacted form? If you’re curious about how KH’s storylines overlap or you just need to refresh your memory in preparation for the upcoming Dream Drop Distance, check out the pictures below. You won’t regret it!

3 Responses to “KH Filmstrip Timeline”

  1. Apples Says:

    He messed up on the re-coded. He’s only supposed to save Terra, Ven, and Aqua

  2. Jack Mowat Says:

     No he got it right. It’s all the people we saw in the BBS secret ending that need his help. Not just those three.

  3. Fon Says:


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